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2/4/14 11:09 A

Thanks everyone, and I agree completely Becky!

But I did find it interesting around the lunchroom table at work, different people's thought and reactions to the question. It did help me figure out how one person could claim that they ate over 15 servings of vegetables every day, but was most definitely not a vegetarian (whom I would think would eat a larger number of servings than the average omnivore). She makes smoothies incorporating a meal replacement powder along with milk and fruit for breakfast, and often for lunch as well, every day, which would add around 8 'servings' to her total.

I've started doing something similar, using the powder in my morning smoothies on the days that I need a quick, portable breakfast. The question evolved during a discussion about different brands of the powders, and which ones were better and why. The number of vegetable servings was brought up as an argument over why one brand was better than another, and things just went from there.

Just for the record, I use the Vega One Nutrional Shake powder (usually chocolate) in my morning smoothies. It claims to contain 3 'servings' of vegetables, although I've never counted those servings in my daily totals. I love fruit and vegetables, and don't need an excuse to eat fewer of them!

2/3/14 8:04 P

It's like when the Manwich label says it contains a full serving of vegetables. How so? Serving size is a quarter-cup, it has zero percent of the vitamin C you need for a day and 18 percent of the sodium you need for a day, and little else. How is that a serving of vegetables?

2/3/14 7:57 P

These type "claims" mean basically nothing.

What does it mean to be equivalent to 4 vegetable servings? Is it the same amount of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, etc. Does it actually come from a veggie? Is it just added supplements like a multivitamin-mineral? Sometimes I can get a better understanding when a see the ingredient listing and nutrition label. I am not sure what brand of meal replacement shake you are referring to. But it sounds like just a slick marketing scam. Bottom line---you probably still need to eat your fruits and veggies.

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2/3/14 2:05 P

Very much so!

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2/3/14 2:04 P

Personally, the point of eating fruits and vegetables is to get the nutrition they provide, including fiber. I'm not going to track a fruit or veggie unless it actually IS a fruit or veggie. Those sugary juices in the store claim the same thing, but they're not much better choices than koolaid!

At the end of the day, is this going to add to good health, or are you trying to game a system that has only one winner or loser? (You.)

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2/3/14 1:22 P

I agree!

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2/3/14 1:13 P

Any time someone is counting up an allotment of servings, I think there's a personal aspect to that. The 8 cups of water debate comes up sometimes, with some thinking tea and coffee counts and others saying only water does - with the consensus being "use the tracker how you want to use it".

I personally wouldn't count a processed shake or a minimal-pulp juice as a serving of fruit/veg, because I personally want my servings to be whole, minimally altered produce. If someone else just doesn't do fruit/veg, and the shake is a good step they wouldn't otherwise take, I think it's fair if they want to count it.

Boils down to personal preferences I suppose.

BERKANA_T Posts: 138
2/3/14 1:00 P

An interesting debate came up last week around the lunchroom table. The question was asked "If a meal replacement shakes says 'Contains 3 servings of vegetables' or 'Equivalent to 4 servings of greens', or something along those lines, does that mean that one serving of the shake can be counted it as however many of indicated servings of fruits/vegetables for the day?

We had people who rely on the shakes, people who use them occasionally, and people who have never tried them all weigh in on the debate. I'm interested in what Sparkers have to add to the debate.

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