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Thanks for the replys.
I was thinking of trying there meals plans as something different ,love to do this at different times and find I will try something new,did a boot camp 1 and it was awesome plus I gave my son the meal plan and have hime pick what days he wants to make dinner,hehe

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I don't use the spark meal plans, but I think that they are a great way to look at how healthy meals can be structured, and what serving sizes you should aim for.
YOu can turn them on and give them a try for a while!

Keep in mind: there will be a lot of variety of ingredients, but feel free to swap things to make the menu easier for you. For example, you might have peaches, apples, oranges, grapes, pineapple, kiwi all listed in the first week as a whole fruit option. Feel free to buy a bunch of peaches (since it's summer and they are awesome and on-sale!) and just have peaches the whole week. The same thing with bread products... you don't need a tortilla and bread and a roll and an english muffin and a bagel for your breakfast... just buy a package of one and sub it the whole week to keep it simple.

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On the 'My Nutrition' page, under the date for food tracking, there is a button named 'tracker options.' Mouse over that button and select 'show meal plans from the list that pops up.

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