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12/28/12 12:57 A

They have some awesome ideas - and you don't need to buy their lunch system, any containers would work

12/27/12 11:44 P

figure out your non busy days and bulk cook and freeze portions out to use through out hte week. Do some prep work for snacks and such like wash some veggies peel and cut for quick snacking and putting salads together. I rotate a few bulk recepies so we dont get bored and plan different salads or what nots each week to get with the season and whats available. just use your search engine for *menu planning ideas* or *bulk cooking* for recipes and ideas! Good Luck!

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12/27/12 7:38 P

Hello All!

So my mother and I are going to sit down tomorrow and go through and make myself a meal plan for the next few months when I go back to school! I am interested in any advice, tips, etc. for making a meal plan!

I am a very busy person! I am a full time commuter student in college and plan on being involved in the spring musical which will consist of Monday through Thursday rehearsals from 5-9PM. I have classes MWF from 10AM until 2pm roughly. I.E. this means I need to have a packed lunch 3 days a week! I love salads, soups, and ethnic food! I love mexican, chinese, japanese...all of it!

So any websites, blogs or articles would be great! Or even tips and tricks I should keep in mind when making a meal plan for the next few months!

Thank you!

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