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If you go to the recipe, to the right of the picture you'll see a button to add the nutritional info to your Nutrition Tracker.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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7/24/13 12:42 A

I have been an off and on user of SP for a while now. My sister got me motivated again, found out she started using SP also and has had some good results. I have thought the Meal planner was a bit of a joke, only a few meal options for each meal. I really like the meal planner, It makes shopping easier for all the things I need for the week. I tend to wander the store getting items(healthy ones now sticking to the outer perimeter of the store) but not good meals for the week. just ends up being random things with no order. I like the shopping list that can be printed but the meal selection is slim. I have found many recipes on SP that sound good and I would like to make. Is it possible to add a recipe I found to my meal planner? that way I could still print out the shopping list? Then it would also already be on my tracker and all I would have to do is check the items.

Any information or suggestions would be helpful

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