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1/28/10 3:05 P

Welcome to SP!

When you have duplicate items in your meal plans, it is because we are saying you can eat a double portion of that item. For example, if you see "Bread, whole wheat..." two times in a row, it is saying to have two pieces of wheat bread with that meal. We do this to help you control your portions, because each item is only one serving. Also, you can click one or both of the items to pick a serving of a different food.

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

1/28/10 1:32 P

I'm brand new. I can't find the answer to this. I printed out the meal plan and noticed that there are sometimes double entries for items such as Butter, unsalted, 1 pat (listed 2ce) or broccoli, fresh, 2 spear is listed twice. Is there some reason why they don't just say 2 pats of butter or 4 pieces of broccoli? Or am I supposed to have an option to eat the extra? Thanks for any help

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