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Meal Plan Problems

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Posts: 30,408
7/22/13 10:19 A

Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along! As Nightskystar mentioned, you can use the same recipe for other meals during the week (you can swap out meals) and that may be something you might like to do if you want to use the meal plans. Otherwise, another option is to use the meal plans as a guideline to come up with your own meals.

Coach Denise

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7/21/13 9:24 P

I have found that if the recipes call for small quantities, I will use the recipe several times over the week to use the ingredient. Also, I believe you can substitute fruit for fruit, so if you buy pineapple for one meal, and another calls for a peach, just have pineapple instead!

Posts: 191
7/21/13 1:33 P

I'm not that great at planning my meals so I decided to turn on the Meal Plan feature in my nutrition counter. I then clicked on the Grocery List icon at the bottom. Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe how long it was! I could literally spend $300 or more buying the items listed for just this week. I realize that the Meal Plan is trying to give me variation in proteins and fruits and vegetables but I can't afford to buy all of this stuff. Especially when it's call for small quantities of foods that are sold in larger packages. For instance, it calls for one egg white during the whole week. So I'm supposed to get at least 6 eggs so that I can eat only one that week? Then 2 tbps of cream cheese. I can't buy just two tablespoons so I'd have to buy an entire container to just use 2 tbps this week? I can't do that. It's going to go bad if I leave it sit and I can't afford to let my food go to waste. Also, I realize that some of the items are able to be frozen but who can buy an entire Pineapple for 2 slices of pineapple that week? And since I haven't used the meal plans I don't know if the foods will be repeated week after week but even then there are several items that will need to be frozen, stored, or thrown away due to it going bad. I think that the meal plans could be thought through a little bit better so that over the course of a week you can actually use up a significant amount of the food that you would have to buy at the store. I am single and cook for only me. I will not be making these meals for a group or a family and the meal plan is not put together in a viable way for me.

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