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ZORGLUBB Posts: 347
1/21/10 4:59 A

Very inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing this.

TOSHA10 Posts: 74
1/21/10 4:59 A

Thank you for sharing! You're an inspiration and I'm sure your mom would be very proud.

HALLMARC27 Posts: 1
1/21/10 4:54 A

Thankyou for this inspiration! I needed it today!

DRIFTAWAY59 Posts: 1
1/21/10 4:46 A

Congrats on having a great day! May you continue to find that strength inside you to do this everytime you need to.

HEALTHYMOMMY2B SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,355)
Posts: 1,148
1/21/10 4:41 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

I walked the Breast Cancer 3Day 2 years ago and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life!! My husband and I are going to crew it this year (he doesn't exercise at all and would never train to walk it) so that we can help to motivate the thousands of walkers taking on the challenge.

Fitness Minutes: (979)
Posts: 102
1/21/10 4:10 A

ok, now I'm going to get busy. You really are doing well. Congrats on the milestone. Thanks for for being so inspirational. emoticon

1/21/10 3:47 A

Very inspirational. Thankyou

GOBLYN Posts: 29
1/21/10 3:32 A

That was beautiful, thank you for sharing !

SQUIRELL1964 Posts: 1
1/21/10 3:21 A

You are an inspiration to others. You will definitely make your goal.

1/21/10 3:16 A

Wow, congratulations to you! I know you're going to make your fitness goals with that sort of determination. emoticon

1/21/10 3:06 A

I can relate so well with the 1000s of excuses to to do it. i go thru with it everyday. I have even had the gastric bypass surgery and because of the lack of exercise on my part the weight loss is slow. I am hoping that one day soon ii will find that reason or that person that can help me get on my feet and do what i need to do to help myself get healthy using the tools i have before me. I know i should not be waiting for it to happen, that i should make it happen. But that is so much easier said than done. Thanks for your bit of inspiration. I wish you and your family and dog the best of luck in continuing your success of your journey. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CURVYCC Posts: 277
1/21/10 3:04 A

I don't have a "Shadow" but me and my mom (she passed away in November 2009) take the stairs at my school. She pushes me along the way. I Can Do This.

DEBRINCONCITA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (434)
Posts: 991
1/21/10 2:56 A

emoticon I can really relate to this story, It sound's like me last year. I couldn't bring myself to do anything. Even if I knew it would do me good? I am so different now, I am still in pain from my arthritis. But, now I get up and go place's anyway's. It make's me alot happier and I have a better outlook on life nowadays! Change your thinking. That's all that you can do, I prayed to God to help me, and He did and I go to church 2 times a week now. I feel so much better now, I don't have time to worry about my pain, it's still gonna be there. I can change my option's and do stuff.

DIDDUMS1 Posts: 9
1/21/10 2:55 A

I felt encouraged to your post as i could really relate to it as my mother and father passed away from cancer and i often feel as i reach for chocolate, ice cream etc that its another nail in my coffin......But i havnt never thought as you did that i doing this for you mum.....thankyou!!!!!!

KATHYCOOK4 Posts: 1,004
1/21/10 2:48 A

Woo Hoo to you!!! emoticon

Seriously, I really enjoyed this. I'll have to try to remember your little story whenever I feel like that.

emoticon emoticon

ANNETTE0058 Posts: 140
1/21/10 2:42 A

Good for you! Your efforts will pay off in the end!

SUSANJANE66 Posts: 2
1/21/10 2:34 A

well done you, motivation is a huge part of keeping fit but always well worth it in the end.

1/21/10 2:33 A

I lost my mom she was 67 she had a heart attack I am 46 with 2 grandbabys and more coming I want to see them go to school graduate etc, you being lazy is a popular thing I want us all to get out of remembere we can just believe!! emoticon

ELLENKA09 Posts: 1
1/21/10 2:25 A

You go girl! I too, lost my Mom from BC. It has been 17 years! I still miss her, like it was yesterday. I am also a bc survivor! I caught it 8 years ago. If it were not for the knowledge of my mom, and her history, I might not have been so aware, and fortunate to have noticed change in my body! It saved my life.
As to how lucky we are, be happy, you can get out and walk with your dog, to help lose weight. We all take things for granted. I have a condition that limits my ability to walk, or do any weight bearing exercises, while standing! Talk about a challenge! No treadmill, or eliptical, I can't do the recumbant
bicycle, due to arthritis in my knee. I am not looking for sympathy....I just feel challanged, and keep on moving forward, always looking for ways to help me lose weight, especially getting in my cardio. That is the toughest. I use the UBE, its the bicycle for the arms. Or I just do light weight exercises, fast, lot's of rep's, to get my heart pumping.
Over 6 yrs ago, I lost 280 lbs! 100 on my own, then 180 from gastric bypass. Now, I have gained back some weight, and am working to get it off, before it creeps up any more!
So, don't take your ability's for granted! And I envey that you can walk for your mom, in the Breast Cancer Walk in October.

LIVING-BETTER Posts: 2,602
1/21/10 2:24 A

It is good you do remember who inspired and encourage you to get up and move. Sometimes we keep on looking at our footsteps , our shadows and nothing more. Keep that gaze and distinguish always who or what can all the time be a source of energy, positivity and support around you, and try not to let your eyes of it.
Best regards

12LAKEVIEW Posts: 9
1/21/10 2:24 A

thats great sweety.keep it up.ur awesome

JONIBEE1 Posts: 560
1/21/10 2:22 A

Woo Hoo, thanks. that was inspiring. After recuperating from my heart attacks I am supposed to be starting to walk, just 20 mins in the fresh air each day. Do you think I have? no. I will have to put a big picture of my mom in front of me. she died 4 years ago at almost 96 and I am only 78 so I have a long way to go. so, starting tomorrow morning I will have to get out and WALK FOR TWENTY MINS. thanks for the poke in the butt!

KRISTY1993 Posts: 7
1/21/10 2:18 A

thank you so very much for your amazing stroy.
i will get my bottom off the couch and walk
at least a mile a day. i want to be a beautiful
aunt in 18 months when the first niece gets marry.

1/21/10 2:13 A

This is my first reply to anything at all on SP. I'm a newbie, and having trouble getting started. But your message really touched my heart, and I wanted to thank you for sharing your feelings and challenges with others. It's sometimes hard to do that! i know I need to exercise and change my eating habits...for a million reasons. Just one ought to be enough, but I keep procrastinating. The stormy weather has been a good excuse this week, but there's always something. Anyway, I wanted you to know that you struck a chord in me that makes me want to get up, not for my mother, but for my grandchildren. How about that? Thank you so much!
PS I am ten years out from my diagnosis of breast cancer as of this month. I want to be around to see my grandchildren make happy lives for themselves and feel I've been a big enough part of their lives to make a difference when things were not good for them.

Edited by: YOKOBEAN at: 1/21/2010 (02:24)
1/21/10 2:10 A

WOO HOO back at ya! I know ALL those "Excuses" ALL too well! Thanks to your post, I will get up and out tomorrow with your inspiration, and your Mom! emoticon You are becoming in every moment, based on your choices! Good job! I just joined a few hours ago. This is my first post. First support group even! Thanks for inspiring me... it's been a life long battle and sometimes it's hard to believe it can and will be different this time. But, I'm still here! And now, I'm HERE! emoticon

KARENAOM1 Posts: 43
1/21/10 2:09 A

If it were light out and not stormy and windy, your story would have motivated me to tromp around my hilly woody property....pushing the cat carrier for extra exercise. Your story makes me smile. emoticon

GETDONE Posts: 2,065
1/21/10 2:00 A

So great to remember Mama emoticon

SPANGE23 Posts: 15
1/21/10 1:57 A

An awesome and inspiring story! I love little things that motivate.

LBODINE Posts: 1
1/21/10 1:52 A

WOOHOO Way to go!!!

MUSHCAT Posts: 4,639
1/21/10 1:48 A

That' wonderful. I am so far ouit of shape that my goal is to be able to do the 3 day walk next year. I think ican, I think,I can........

1/21/10 1:30 A

Thank you for sharing this with all of us. We all need a little pep-talk now and then (some of us daily) Your Mom obviously was a wonderful woman and has left a beautiful legacy in you.

WILDFLOWERR_ SparkPoints: (134,720)
Fitness Minutes: (198,752)
Posts: 9,006
1/21/10 1:25 A

That was nice...It brought tears to my eyes!
Bless you! Keep up the great work, and keep your eye on the prize!


GOSHEN56 Posts: 27
1/21/10 1:25 A

What a wonderful and strong spirit you have. You've set good goals and I know that you'll do them. I'm old enough to be your Mom and I'm proud of you, just as she is.

1/21/10 1:21 A

What a magical morning you must have had. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. You just never know how much of a positive effect you may have on someone.

IVYROSE2 Posts: 452
1/21/10 1:19 A

I have only been on the program for a week and reading your letter really motivated me. Thank you so much

CHERDN Posts: 3
1/21/10 1:12 A

What a really sweet story. I like to think my mom is proud of what I am doing. That is neat that you are walking in the Marathon. For Christmas I bought my girlfriends that are cancer survivors all kinds of pink things in a cancer grocery bag

TAMNTN Posts: 2,199
1/21/10 1:10 A

That is awesome! Keep walking...keep the positive attitude going. I know your Mom is very proud of you and your girls and Shadow will appreciate having their healthy Mom around for years! Woo-Hoo indeed! :)

SQUEEZE7 Posts: 247
1/21/10 1:08 A

That was a wonderful post! I have been going thru a excercise slump for almost a week now....the weather here has been really bad and we are getting storm warnings. Regardless, I have to work out and once I get it over with I know I will feel a whole lot better, thank you for the motivation!


MOM0815 Posts: 6
1/21/10 1:00 A

Hey I had a dog named Shadow too! She's in doggy heaven now:( But now I have Lady and you have inspired me...she loves it out there...I need to do this for her too! Thanks! emoticon

GOLDANGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,155)
Posts: 43
1/21/10 12:54 A

Thanks I need to hear that and even though it was not breast cancer, it was cancer just the same that My Aunt whom I loved dearly passed away in my arms and I made a promise to my kids that I would take better care of myself so I could see not only them grow up but my grand children as well . Well mine are all grown-up now and their was 14-maybe 15 grand kids last time I counted that are growing so fast I can't keep track of who is who well I want to be around for them I want to watch them grow up too and the newest one is only 6wks old and there still coming I have a lot of catching up to do with my health YOUR STORY made me realize just 14 or maybe 15 reason why I want to stay around a while longer than I know I would have, had I not started to do something about it right now, Thank You ever so much for sharing that don't stop we can yes we can do-it.

CIANNER Posts: 18
1/21/10 12:37 A

Great post! My mother also died of cancer and the doctor says the one thing that's within my control to reduce my risk is to get to a healthy weight.

Thanks for a very uplifting post!

1/21/10 12:37 A

Way to go...The walk is even more meaningful when you had 1000 reasons not to...And I am so sure your mom is already very proud of you! You inspired me and I love woo woo moments.


MKPRINCESS007 Posts: 1,586
1/21/10 12:37 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon, between your Mom getting you off the couch, and your beautiful dog encouraging you all along the way, I would say.....sounds like you have some little angels on your shoulder.

Congratulations, and remember how you felt today on those days when it might be hard to get going! :)

1/21/10 12:37 A

Well written and well done! Very enjoyable to read and very inspiring. Give our love to Shadow-- and tell her to keep motivating you!

CJK2010 Posts: 2
1/21/10 12:33 A

Good job! Thanks for sharing,gives all incentive :-)

TCHARLES0415 Posts: 1
1/21/10 12:28 A

thank you for sharing - it has been raining where i live so i did not go to the gym today, and the gym is inside, yes i used one of my 1000 excuses for not going to the gym.

WLM1227 Posts: 69
1/21/10 12:24 A

Hey, you are sweet, buns! Great spirit! And so thanks for this.

COACH_NICOLE Posts: 9,354
1/11/10 5:18 P

emoticon Thanks for sharing today's triumph!

MISSLADY09 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,785)
Posts: 1,714
1/11/10 4:49 P

emoticon Great job of making it up that hill :)

SWEETBUNS2B SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,205)
Posts: 77
1/11/10 3:52 P

I didn't want to walk today because it's was cold outside and my stomach hurts and my favorite movie in the whole wide world was on the television and so on and so on and so on. I had about 1,000 excuses for why I didn't want to work out or go walking or even get off the couch. But, I have a picture of my mother (she passed away 10 years ago from breast cancer) on my mantle who was looking down at me and I remembered that I had a reason to get up. I want to get in shape and be healthy for her. I want to walk everyday and get healthy for my girls and lastly, I want to be able to sit on the top deck of the cruise ship we are going on in June and look great and feel great.
I walked around my neighborhood (I live in the woods so everything is hills and trees and rocks) and my dog, Shadow, followed me the whole way encouraging me to go further to chase her. She has lots of energy and I love her very much. For every step I took she was running around me exploring the leaves and sticks on the side of the road and running in circles around me.
My Woo Hoo moment was when I made it up the last hill to my house without having to stop and rest before reaching the top. I felt like I had just won a marathon and although my legs ached. emoticon I walked on to my front door and then did my stretching exercises outside in the beautiful sun.
Thanks Mom for making me get up off the couch. I will make you proud when I walk in the Breast Cancer Walk in October. I love you Mom.
Woo Hoo!! emoticon emoticon

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