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McDonalds Sweet Tea

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Posts: 1,889
6/22/10 9:45 A

When I tried their sweet tea for the first time, I was so looking forward to it. I finished it but never bought another. It is too sweet for me too.

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6/22/10 9:38 A

Invest in a home iced tea brewer (about $19). Then, you can make your own tea and sweeten with splenda or steevia to your liking. It's no calories, and will pay for itself in a little over a week.

Posts: 495
6/22/10 8:38 A

If you order the Sweet Tea, ask for it 1/2 sweet 1/2 unsweet to save calories... or when you get it back to your house/work split it into two cups and add water or extra, extra ice. Their sweet tea is really sweet (and i live in alabama!! lol) so I always have to either get 1/2 & 1/2 or drown it in ice cubes.

Posts: 545
6/22/10 8:28 A

i tried the mcd's sweet tea once and i couldnt stomach it, its WAY too sweet for me.

Posts: 11,246
6/22/10 6:46 A

Ordering their unsweetened iced tea and adding Splenda (or your own Stevia) will save you over 200 calories AND be just as refreshing

Posts: 11
6/22/10 6:40 A

WOW. 460 calories a night. Okay, I have drank my last lg tea. I will miss the caffiene, the sugar and the wonderful sweet taste but I won't miss the fat it is leaving on my butt!

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Posts: 13,019
6/22/10 6:33 A

I agree you're wasting a huge amount of calories for zero nutrition, drink an equal amount of water before letting yourself buy one.

Posts: 498
6/22/10 6:30 A

McDonalds has all their nutrition information available on their website

The large sweet tea is 230 calories, ALL from sugar (59grams). I'd suggest cutting out one of the two you have each night, and maybe get a smaller size for the other. That's a lot of wasted calories, not to mention money, for sugar water.

Posts: 11
6/22/10 6:19 A

Does anyone know how many calories are in a lg. sweet tea? I am addicted. I work nights and drink 2 every shift. Thanks.

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