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12/15/12 9:54 A

Happy Holidays.

ITSMATT Posts: 40
12/12/12 2:09 P

Well, I've got the long term goal - the lifelong one to get to a healthy BMI and maintain it but I have some other, short term ones.

First and foremost is to get back to walking regularly. The will is there and I'm plenty strong enough but the plantar fasciitis in my right foot makes that really difficult. I found a foot taping video and I'm going to see if taping my food will help. I do the stretches and have orthotics and ice it. Maybe taping it will help me to be able to walk regularly. That's a goal.

A second goal is to fit into a bunch of clothes that I bought when I was about 20kg lighter. There's a whole wardrobe sitting there that I can't fit into currently.

Finally, I have a goal to do one pullup. Just one. Because if I can do one. Then I can set a new goal to do two. And won't that be cool?

Make it a great day!

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