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8/25/13 4:48 P

Just another update:

Crossed the 100 mile mark.
STILL need to work on actually doing some strength exercises
Still eating relatively well. I eat sweets here and there, but 95% of the time, I don't

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7/16/13 7:09 P

It's been a while since I've come back to my journal, but I'm gonna give another update:

I will be crossing the 75 mile mark tomorrow. I know this is not a lot, but it's A LOT compared to what I was doing last summer.

I have been slacking on my strength days. I'm working to fix this.

I have still been watching what I eat for the most part. I had cake for my birthday and have eaten some gummy bears, but I've stuck to eating fruit most days and not piling on the calories. Doing this, I have lost 4 more pounds since my last update. I have still been sticking to all water and I don't even crave a sprite or a gatorade.

I am able to run a little more than I was before and can recover my breath faster than before. My legs don't start hurting as soon as I start any kind of physical activity. This might be the thing I am most happy about.

Just a little tip to any people new to exercise: Don't be afraid to push yourself... WITHIN REASON. If you stop everytime you "feel tired"(which is what I tend to do), it will be harder for you to make any progress whether it be running, weightlifting, or any exercise you want to do. I don't mean hurting yourself, but you should at least feel like you got a great workout. I remember some walk/runs that I did in the beginning where I would run the first 1/4 of a lap, slowly walk the rest of 2 miles and go home feeling like I hadn't done anything. Now when I'm done, I can't wait to cool off, get some more water and I know I pushed myself to do more than I thought I could do.

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6/23/13 11:47 A

hey again - just thought i would let you know i started my walking routine again - it is good we sparkers motivate each other - have a good weekend BB

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6/21/13 8:24 P

Thank you, Brush and good luck on your weight loss as well as the job search(if you haven't found one yet)

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6/19/13 6:32 P

hi Matt - congrats on making the decision and following thru on it. the longest journey always has to start with that very first step. i hear the determination - you will do well - no problem. everyone has a different story to tell - but really we are all in the same boat - wanting to feel healthier, look better and enjoy things without pain. every body needs movement - but so often we slow down bit by bit as we age - and that is the kiss of death.
i used to hit the gym six days a week when i was working - then i got laid off - and despite having a good routine for three years i found myself 'not motivated' . then my arthritis and fibro kicked in (i have had since my teens) so i slowed down more - pain is not fun so how could exercise be fun?
anyway the result was gain of 50 pounds and now i is harder than ever to lose weight and be active.
anyway- you keep on taking those baby steps - clean diet, work outs cardio etc. good luck and keep posting so we can support you and enjoy your successes. BB

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6/19/13 1:55 P

I didn't even know about this message board until today, so I guess I will just catch you guys up.

My name is Matt and for about the past month I've decided that I will get into better shape. I'm not even necessarily worried about losing weight(although I need to), but I am working on putting less junk into my body as well as be able to be more active. Before I started, I was in absolutely pathetic shape. I couldn't run/jog very far and my legs would just hurt so bad after very little walking. Now, I still can't run too far, but I enjoy running what I can and I don't really look forward to my rest day as much as I do my cardio days, but it's been a little tougher to find the motivation to do core and strength exercises all of the time. My family and I have been eating MUCH healthier. I don't eat any fast food, have eaten at a chinese restaurant twice, and have only eaten 1 bag of gummy bears. I don't always rush back to sparkpeople to track my meal, but I have been much more conscious of how much sodium and calories I am taking in

Since I've started, I have:

Lost 4 pounds
Not skipped a cardio day
Walked/jogged 38.6 miles
Eaten more vegetables
Eaten much more fruit
Drank NO soda
Drank more water

I've still got a long way to go, but I am glad to just be making progress

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