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10/31/12 8:23 P

-just listen to your body's cues--- that is alot of exercise - and can take a toll on your body!!_ you do not want a setback because of an injury!!!- Hugs and on a lighter note--that is awesome to be able to keep that up!!! I can usually get up to about 4000 calories in a week-- emoticon

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10/31/12 3:29 P

Just make sure you don't injure yourself! Congrats.

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10/31/12 6:56 A

Hey all,

Thanks for messages of encouragement.

I have really been pushing hard and loving every minute of it.

Will have done 2000 minutes of exercise this month i expect come end of the day today.

I manged 6.5 hours on monday. Had 2 days holiday from work and spent them working out. lol

2 Mile swim followed in the afternoon by 4.5 hours in the gym.. Burnt off over 6000 calories that day :-)..

Lets hope can keep seeing scales drop lower and lower.. Aiming to be another 21lbs lighter come 12/12/12

10/27/12 8:49 P

That is wonderful keep up the good work.

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10/27/12 12:19 P


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10/26/12 11:03 A


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10/25/12 10:08 A

LOL not quite.

I still have to do my full time job inbetween exercise and work on call 24/7..

Im loving it and due to impatience want to work hard to get results but do it in the correct way..

Exercise and healthy eating.. :-)

10/25/12 9:54 A

Hey, you sound like a weight loss contestant on a TV show! Great job! Keep up the good work! emoticon

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10/25/12 6:44 A

Hey i have copied my weekly cals to burn from this week, still have 3 days left to exercise aswell.

As you can see managed to burn 10624 cals so far this week in 4 days. :-)

Calories to Burn This Week
Goal to burn 4000 calories per week, 10624 burned this week

My new routine which is intense but body not screaming at me to slow down so going to carry it on.

I do (I have daughter every other weekend so can not gym then)
Swimming monday to friday 90 minutes which is around 80 lengths of 25meter pool.
Gym Monday to friday is 3hrs in evening straigh from work, 2 hr cario 1 hr weights.
Sat and sunday is gym for 2 hrs each day.

I am loving every ache and pain as i know ive earnt them.. :-)

I am so impatient for results so want to ensure im pushing as hard as can without over doing it..

I have lost 52 lbs in 7 weeks thus far and get weighed tomorrow for 8th weigh in...

Feeling like its an accomplishment to not only exercise but to have got the bug and love it..

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