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7/30/13 9:07 P

I think muay thai kickboxing is awesome. My husband is training me because he used to compete and it is a workout. It targets everything abs, arms, and legs. Awesome cardio.

7/30/13 8:11 P

I'm more of a tai chi sort of person myself. It's more mindful and looks deceptively easy.

7/30/13 6:15 P

If your looking for Self defense and a great cardio workout I would suggest looking into CKM ( Commando Krav Maga ) , it is a reality based self defense training. They do a lot of cardio, and you learn Gun , knife, choke, ground, grappling, and loads of other weapons and hand to hand combat, plus most places do Elite Combat fitness. you can check it out on youtube just look up CKM and/ or Moni Aizik , hes the "founder" . Ive been doing it for 2 years now, and I couldn't be happier. Lost 55 lbs just doing this for 3 hours a week.

Just another suggestion to throw into your mix, we get a lot of MMA guys that come in and train with us, also we have done military training as well.

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7/29/13 2:11 P

My younger brother was in TaeKwondo (sp?) for years (elementary school through high school) and got all the way up to second degree black belt. He is 21 now and isn't involved in it right now. I'm hoping he will get back into it, even if it's just to practice and to get back into shape. I watched a few of the classes and the kids seemed to have fun and the teachers were great. I remember thinking that I wished we were a bit closer in age (we're 8.5 yrs apart in age) so that we could've sparred each other. I guess we could have anyway but we don't live near each other. I think any of the martial arts would be a great way to stay in shape.

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7/29/13 1:17 P

I too am a MA them all but my knees would disagree. The best that I have found is Tae Kwon-Do.

As an FYI, since I can't attend classes any more (money, time, knees) I ordered online and LOVE Les Mill Combat DVD's on the Beach Body website. The 5 CD set is wonderful (paced from beginning to advanced) and gives me my MMA fix!

Let me know what you decide!!!

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7/29/13 12:56 P

I used to participate in Karate (Goju-Ryu) when I was younger and looking back, I can remember how fit I was, I had bags of energy and I was also able to defend myself.

I am looking to get back into Martial Arts though I am looking for a recommendation.
I would love to get into MMA (mixed-martial arts) further on though initially I am struggling to decide between some local classes;

Kuk Sool Won (This one I favour)

What could you recommend?

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