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I rarely bother to track marinades at all, unless they contain significant sugars or oils. Most of my marinades are homemade and low-fat. One of my favorite bottled marinades is Soy Vay, which at 30 calories per tablespoon, would need to be tracked. Well worth the calories, though.

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Actually, it is a bit of work, since 1) I make my marinades from scratch, not bottles, so calculating the break down of each ingredient, by weight (even though most of them are done in liquid volume) takes extra work. and 2) I track everything I eat (on weekdays) a week ahead of time. So weighing something before I've made it is not possible. I like to know what I'm taking in before I put it in my mouth, that way I don't end up with surprises at the end of the day.

Plus, if you think about it, your meat could have absorbed more of the oil and less of the soy sauce (or whatever ingredients you are using), so pretty much no way of doing it is going to be 100% accurate. That's why I just track half (using the recipe builder) and leave it at that.

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Too much work? Depends on how you marinate. :)

I usually marinate in a ziplock back. Weigh the whole thing. Remove chicken. Weigh what's left. The difference is what you track. :)

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You could weigh/measure it like you mentioned but that's too much work :) I just track half the marinade ingredients. You'll end up overestimating that way, but it's the easiest way to do it, at least for me anyway.

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1/28/13 3:01 P

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How would one calculate the nutritional info of a marinated chicken breast? I know I can use the recipe calculator to figure the info for the marinade, but obviously, not all of the marinade ends up on the chicken. Is the only solution to weigh the marinade before marinating and again afterwards and figure the difference is what's been added to the chicken?


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