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TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
2/2/14 5:49 P

My problem had been years ago ... this just brought back the memories.

This is my history, take it or leave it:

1st one: Cult (and publicly accused of being one on the Internet at Time Out online)*
2nd one: Old School place–taking steps on road to being Cult (in order to survive)
3rd one: Some Buddhist-oriented place that is Not a Cult (they later closed up shop and left NYC)
4th one: Power Yoga (’nuff said): Cult-wannabe from about a year and half since opening. May still be a cult-wannabe, but appeal to a transient market
5th one: Hot Yoga (not Bikram) plus Vinyasa: Not a Cult, but I can’t afford ($$/time) the place, attracts students and retirees, mostly with their schedule ... too bad... the closest to where I live!
6th one: I take yoga here. They primarily make their money teaching pilates.

I'd given the 1st one, three stars in my first Yelp review of the yoga they taught.
It would have been only 2 stars, but I did choose them as my springboard and template of an entire suite of self-created mp3s I've strung together in a playlist, that is one of the vehicles of my home yoga practice ... They deserved 3 stars only because I took the ball and ran with it.

Since then, I prefer a home-yoga-practitioner-friendly studio, hands down!

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2/2/14 5:42 P

Could you talk to the instructor? It could enlighten her on how she may be coming across.

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
2/2/14 5:39 P

My hands are tied as I cannot post more than a tiny handful of sentences here from the blog.
But benefits of being at the Cafe far outweigh this little drawback.

I felt, and had been IN FACT, marginalized and made to feel "less than" by my yoga instructor. They set the tone for the students; because they were wannabees .. and it had been cultlike ...

Time Out online had called out one of the studios (the one where I'd had the most trouble) that it had that "cult feel" in class by their roving reporter ...

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
2/2/14 5:12 P

@Tiniertina, no worries.

I don't understand your direct response to me re the link, so I'll clarify my post.

I have not experienced marginalization in a yoga class.

I do not open any links I find in the message board here (or on any site, really).

My "caveat" to that effect was to be clear I was responding only to the question you asked about marginalization in yoga classes, not to the blog in the link.

Have a great day.

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
2/2/14 4:44 P

It's your loss, AMARANTHAQ, I try and sometimes do not get it right.
But this time, I did take the trouble to curate (yes, curate) the kind of link that - were they to blog like many of us SparkPeople do, on Spark itself ... let's suffice to say, it would be an exemplary post that would, in true Spark fashion, shed more light than heat ...

My bad on the connecting points, though; and maybe this link works better right now...

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SHERYLDS Posts: 17,317
2/2/14 4:20 P

all different types of people feel vulnerable for all types of reasons when they go to the gym or a class. If it's the wrong teacher, time, place, or group...pick some place else. The truth is almost everyone is just trying to get their own workout.

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
2/2/14 4:03 P

There are lots of ways to make someone feel marginalized. I did attempt to follow the link, but it gave me an error message several times. I have been treated like an outsider in several different places. Probably my size and my disabilities. So even though yoga is supposed to be great for rehabbing injuries, some of the instructors I've come into contact with don't want to be bothered giving extra help to those who need it.
However, I have had a couple of wonderful instructors who made sure that they came up with modifications as necessary and gave them to the entire class without singling me out. The instructor often makes all the difference.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
2/2/14 12:31 P

No, I have not had this experience in my many years of going to various yoga practices.

I've found every yoga class I have ever participated in was very diverse and inclusive.

Caveat: I don't click on Spark links and didn't read the story you are discussing.

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
2/2/14 10:09 A

I was following the entire controversy for the past 5 days ... and I checked elsewhere on SparkPeople for this topic, and came up: crickets ...

A yogini who calls herself TheZenG, writes:

"I am always the only Black woman in my yoga classes. Is this because Black women don’t practice yoga? No. And, health and wellness do not belong to you."
m-the-only-black-woman-in-my-yoga-clas s-but/

So here goes:

I'm white, but I've been marginalized by my size at the time (only size 12 [and at then-GOAL weight - aka "happy weight"]! But in New York City outer borough wannabe studios) and age (mid 50's--My, has yoga been highjacked by the young in so many places!*), from many yoga classes (but only when taught in a yoga studio - other venues seem more lenient) ...

*I'd been introduced to yoga back in 1971 - Kids' yoga? NO! Yin Yoga!!!!

While technically of the Caucasian race, South Asian Indians (mixed with Dravidian blood) founded yoga. Yes, technically Indians from South Asia are Caucasian. But they present (in this culture) as one of the brown peoples (along with the mestizos) ...

So ... one race - literally does not "own" yoga ...

Well, as I see it, home practice rules, anyway ...

emoticon emoticon

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