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1/6/14 3:33 P

If this is a common occurrence, you might light to think about mindlessly nibbling on a few nuts, and/or making a smoothie with fruit and some yoghurt. you can make it a wee bit thinner if it will be easier for you. Another thing you can do is to cut up a bowl of fruit and as you walk past, make a point of taking one or two pieces. Banana is actually quite good for a lot of people who feel like this - so is having a small tub of yoghurt.


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1/6/14 3:33 P

it all comes down to frequency. if you get upsetting news less than once a month [in other words, this lack of hunger is a one off thing], skipping a day of eating isn't going to hurt you unless you have some other medical condition going on. your body is designed to be able to have a stomach bug here and there and one day of not eating isn't going to hurt you long term, so long as it's really one day. now, if it's always something [upsetting news, too busy, any number of other things] making you not eat, that's when it becomes an issue. and that's the point where you need to be making yourself eat.
one day of not eating due to upset isn't starving yourself. if it's still a problem tomorrow or the next day, then you need to make yourself eat. but unless your "upsetting" is a life altering void that you're being thrown into and you're not sure how you're ever going to function again [in which case by all means start force feeding yourself to get used to it], you'll probably be somewhat back to normal tomorrow plus be a little hungrier to make up for not eating today. your body is really well designed to balance out those sorts of little ripples.
if it is the big sort of thing that's going to be a long time working through, then the blandest and snackiest things are the easiest to eat. when there isn't so much a food aftertaste it's easier to pop in another bite in and chew. think nuts and crackers to eat and juice or ensure to drink.

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1/6/14 2:30 P

You did the right thing by eating something. Even if you don't feel hungry due to emotional turmoil, your body still needs the fuel. Plus, this could help keeping you from over eating later due to hunger.

Hope things settle down for you! good luck.

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1/6/14 2:19 P

You won't starve yourself if you're just waiting a few hours to eat. Though be careful not to go the other direction and "make up" what you didn't eat. Emotions causing you to not eat can easily swing the other way to "now I'm ravenous, and I didn't eat anything so I can eat EVERYTHING." I've found that for me personally, I'm better off eating small bites even when I don't want to, than waiting for my blood sugar to drop and getting "hangry" on top of the emotional stress I'm dealing with.

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1/6/14 2:09 P

If you don't feel like eating, I don't think you're going to hurt anything by actually not eating unless it's for like a week. I get sick to my stomach if I don't eat for awhile, but if you feel fine, just make sure you drink water. Try to eat some fruit maybe.

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1/6/14 2:07 P

I've had a bit of an upsetting morning, and I've found that I've literally had to force myself to eat. Even so, I've only had a Fiber One bar and a Special K drink, and its past lunchtime. How do I still get the food in me that my body says I don't want? I don't want to starve myself, simply because I don't feel like eating and my emotions are high. Advice?

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