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2/11/14 4:40 A

you could combine a DB with a light resistance band to add more weight.

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2/11/14 2:16 A

Rather than making the weights heavier, you can make ST more challenging by doing it slower. (It sounds counter-intuitive, but if you do them slowly, then it is your muscles doing all the work, rather than 'bounce' or momentum. Take 3 seconds for the 'up' movement, and 3 seconds for the 'down'. Bonus points for holding the 'up' position for 2-3 seconds.

When you do purchase new weights, consider an adjustable set. While they are more expensive than a pair of fixed weight, they can grow with you, and are cheaper in the long run than a whole set of different fixed weights.


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2/11/14 1:43 A

so I'm in my second week of chalean exteme. i love the workouts. My only problem though, is that sometimes i don't have the right dumbbells to reach failure. My weights are either too heavy or too light sometimes. until i can find the time and the money to go shopping for new weights, does anyone know any way you can add weight to the dumbbells I already have

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