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7/9/09 2:57 A

I would probably like mexican food to be no calorie but with all the flavor.

MOOR0378 Posts: 1
7/9/09 2:49 A

McDonalds Sausage biscuit. Good news is that it would no longer be Coca Cola. Atleast I've kicked that addiction

7/9/09 2:46 A

It would have to be bacon. I don't think I'll ever get over the craving for bacon. (and I don't think I want to)

KATIE2516 Posts: 1
7/9/09 2:44 A

Mine would be oats. Porridge in the winter and muesli in the summer. Mmmmmm... I can't get enough

AJRIII Posts: 17
7/9/09 2:41 A

I would say the smoked chicken, mango and feta salad!!! MMMMmmmmm!!!!

7/9/09 2:39 A

Mine would have to be pizza .. of course probably one of the highest calorie foods out there .. LOL

7/9/09 2:34 A

I would choose french fries and ice cream. Especially ICE CREAM. I love it, love it, love it.

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JOSEPHC3 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 189
7/9/09 2:32 A

There are so many things I can't choose just one!

HIKINGSD Posts: 9,726
7/9/09 2:31 A

It would be McDonald's for me too!

7/9/09 2:31 A

Pan fried scallops or a thick chunk of fresh organic salmon cooked in foil in the oven with a smidgen of olive oil under to prevent sticking!

7/9/09 2:24 A

See's Candies' Butterscotch Squares and/or M*Ms

PIGLETSMALL Posts: 5,063
7/9/09 2:22 A

Well, if you's ask me three weeks ago I might have said something different but I too have developed a new passion for fresh fruit and a bowl of sweet crunchy fruit would be my favourite meal with the addition on a small tub of strawberry soya yogurt.

It's a great place to be and I congratulate you on your success. Keep up the good work.

Hugs x

BOGGIEMOMMA1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 18
7/9/09 2:17 A

Mine would have to be the Jenny O turkey. You can make that into anything and you can make it taste like what ever you want it to!

7/9/09 2:07 A

I never thought of this before...

I wish i can say that i only crave healthy food, probably the one thing are deserts, my craving is anything with apples; pies, strudels, cookies...

I hope i can achieve that one day. You are my HERO!

MRSPERKY Posts: 23
7/9/09 2:07 A

caesar salad or tom yum soup

BUFFALOGAL60 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 128
7/9/09 2:04 A

AND! I miss junk food less and less. I have no interest in fast food any more. The one thing I will never be able to give up is cheese.

BUFFALOGAL60 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,520)
Posts: 128
7/9/09 2:03 A

I should add that I marinade the chicken in the yogurt/hot sauce.

AGUA75 Posts: 22
7/9/09 2:03 A

Deep fried onion rings dipped in ranch dressing.

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BUFFALOGAL60 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 128
7/9/09 2:02 A

JADEBATDOG: I make "wings" with chicken breast strips. I mix ff yogurt with the hot sauce, and bread them, and bake them. You could use the Hungry Girl method, and bread them with ground up Fiber One for less calories.

PATW12 Posts: 5
7/9/09 1:53 A

Mine would be fresh fruit. I love this time of year with all the fresh local fruit--strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc. I also love melons, peaches and nectarines.

DRACO63 Posts: 135
7/9/09 1:49 A

Mine would be an Ambrosia Salad, complete with cherries, coconut and whip cream. emoticon

7/9/09 1:39 A

Congratulations. That's a great achievement. I wish I were as strong as you. I have these insane cravings for sweet stuff, specially chocolates. and I have a tendency to finish my daughter's unfinished meal. I don't have any other weaknesses so far. Any suggestions?

7/9/09 1:39 A

French Fries would win hands down.I love those devils

The summation of all diets i have ever researched, followed, failed at... collates into one
critical bit of information : French Fried potatoes are out!

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7/9/09 1:34 A

The food that I am really enjoying is bread!!!! But it's not just any bread, it's delicious, whole grain bread baked in a bread store not too far from my house. What I enjoy is that I used to think I couldn't really eat bread, but this bread is different. I can tell that it truly is food, because I don't crave more after I eat a piece of it. And just a slice of it really satisfies my hunger, so I am very happy to be able to say that I really can enjoy bread now that I'm just enjoying its wholesome yummyness!

HONEYB1949 Posts: 1,198
7/9/09 1:33 A

One of my old standby's would be peach cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which I can have in moderation. Spark Recipes has a great low-cal peach cobbler recipe that is out of this world and I've learned to enjoy fat-free, sugar-free ice cream.

7/9/09 1:30 A

My food would definitely be guacamole. I can't get enough of it!!!

OCLIZZIE Posts: 98
7/9/09 1:29 A

if I could eat any food without it having a negative effect on my weight loss, then it would definitely be chocolate.

MOONCHILD88 Posts: 1
7/9/09 1:26 A

Hi there, I love your thinking! I would choose to live on Salmon if I could!
And, fresh pineapple and fresh fruit!!
Great idea!
From Helen emoticon

TIPYRAIN Posts: 7,416
7/9/09 1:21 A

I think it would be the refrigerated yogurt you get in the store. But, when I get home I put it in the freezer 'cause then it takes longer to eat and it gives you something to chew on. It really two treats in one frozen not frozen. I personally love chewing ice. emoticon

7/9/09 1:20 A

Today was the first day I started craving healthy foods. I had some (healthy) home-made mac n cheese with broccoli and I found myself craving more broccoli after I was finished, similar to how I used to crave chips or chocolate.

However, my FAVORITE food ever is hot wings. I'm actually thinking I can still eat them as long as I don't eat them with ranch like I normally do and limit the amount.

7/9/09 1:19 A

It's getting easier every day to reach for a healthy bowl of cereal instead of frying up some eggs and potatoes!

MAMABC Posts: 51
7/9/09 1:09 A

Since I don't want eat at all I guess right now since its so hot,I would want cold food to help me cool off,the first thing that comes to mind is a fruit smoothie.Plus it would have to be already prepared without having to fight the blender.

FLYINGDOG147 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (17,582)
Posts: 177
7/9/09 1:03 A

arugula salads. YUM. Or any salad. I should eat them every day, but I go through a "tub" of arugula on one salad, so it's not really great on the wallet.

then maybe tacos/enchiladas. (double yum!)

and maybe red mango. i can't tell if this is a new obsession, or just a novelty....

edit: oh darn! I forgot about pizza!! it still loses out to salad, but certainly deserves to be on this list!

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7/9/09 1:00 A

This is what help keeps me motavited, is every time I eat something that's not healthy I think I'm dying a little bit and that keeps me on the healthy kick!

GOODMEMORIES Posts: 29,963
7/9/09 12:56 A

My favorite dessert is creme brulee' -- hardly in the healthy food class. I also adore BBQ Babyback Ribs. I only allow myself to eat these two items maybe twice per year.

So -- if I could eat them with no ill effects, YES! I'd love to indulge in them more often, but nothing would taste good on an EVERY DAY BASIS!

7/9/09 12:55 A

my would be sweet potatoes and watermelon

7/9/09 12:48 A

I am on Seattle Sutton now and really like the variety of food and ease of putting together my meals, but my daily fix has to be a little bit of chocolate. Couple of Hershey's Kisses or Hugs go along way if you just let them melt and do not chew them!

7/9/09 12:46 A

I already had this talk internally, my answer at the time was watermelon ! (Fruit salad is smarter, at least you can have a bunch of different fruits) So I'll go with that too !

DEB163 Posts: 446
7/9/09 12:45 A

When I first read this, I thought of only blueberries, I could eat them every day forever. I love them! But, after reading through some of the other replies, there are two things that I remembered I love and would eat every day if I could; ice cream; any flavor and my #1 favorite; those malted "Robin egg" candies that are around at Easter. The ones with the hard candy shell and then malt right under that....yum. I could eat a ton of those...

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MIS2101 Posts: 4,000
7/2/09 1:20 A

I could eat sweets all the time. I just try a bite of whatever my husband is having for dessert.

CDARBY6 Posts: 192
7/1/09 9:25 P

Special K bars! I can eat the whole box in one sitting if I let myself. Theyre 90 calories IF YOU EAT ONE LOL. I cant eat just one.

6/30/09 6:24 P

Tacos , I really love tacos. haha.

__IZZA__ Posts: 981
6/30/09 4:01 P


I do not know what my one food would be. I would maybe say chocolate but you do get bored after a while of those unhealthy foods.

6/30/09 3:51 P

I would eat Poutine (French Canadian meal consisting of fries, cheese curds and gravy) and BBQ chips.

I'm definately not in a healthy mind set. Although i love good healthy food most of the time. I just wonder why the junk always wins...

HAPPYSOUL91 SparkPoints: (452,343)
Fitness Minutes: (132,638)
Posts: 34,299
6/30/09 12:57 P

My choice contains all the 4 food groups: pizza with everything on it, cold or hot makes no difference.


ECOAXUM SparkPoints: (27,425)
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6/30/09 12:36 P


SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,956)
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Posts: 14,444
6/30/09 12:06 P

Woohoo - great sign of a healthy lifestyle change!


6/30/09 11:47 A


PATSDIARY Posts: 3,268
6/30/09 11:45 A

Sadly, my one thing would still be ice cream... which I only eat 3 or 4 times a year, but LOVE. But of things I actually eat... salad.

SARAHMINUS70 Posts: 496
6/30/09 11:26 A

The other day, a good friend confided in me that if she could get away with eating McDonald's french fries and chicken nuggets for every meal - with no effect - she would. Every meal. This brought our discussion to "If you could eat any food and it had no effect on your weight or health, what would your indulgence be?"

I thought about it for a long time, and eventually told her I couldn't think of anything. Truthfully, the things coming to mind were avacados, veggie stir fries, or fruit salad. FRUIT SALAD! That's it - that's my one thing.

SUCCESS: I'm not even interested in unhealthy foods any more! It feels so much better to eat well. That's my sign of success.

What would your one food be???

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