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ZRIE014 Posts: 13,687
8/1/12 9:29 P

i always made sure that i would workout early early in the morning in order to have fun later while one vacation.

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MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,401
8/1/12 8:33 P

Don't worry too much about formal workouts, just make sure it is an 'active' vacation.

Playing games on the sand, swimming, going for hikes are not only ways to keep kids occupied, they are great for everyone's health.


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8/1/12 1:30 P

Its your vacation. Enjoy it rather than worry about your workout.

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8/1/12 12:11 P

There is so much to do at the beach... jogging in the sand is a great work out and it is the best in the morning. Challenge the kids to races and see who can win. I know I always love to race my parents and beat them. Talk a long walk along the beach and look for sea shells. if you are an early riser do some yoga in the sand.

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8/1/12 12:06 P

Active activities, or just plain don't worry about it. :) It's okay to have a little down time... it might even be good for you! Or, you can schedule actual activities that involve getting up and moving. Family walks, hikes, bike rides, etc.

You can also get up earlier than everyone else. Don't worry about sticking to your usual routine... shake it up!

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FLFFHEAD Posts: 20
8/1/12 12:05 P

You are on vacation. Make it fun!! Use the sand to your advantage and get the family involved. Frisbee, football, beach paddle ball are all great and fun exercise and with the added benefit of the sand as your base you will burn more calories and tone.

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8/1/12 11:46 A

Anyone have ideas on how to maintain fitness on vacation when you have 5 kids around and a bunch of adults jammed into a small beach house with no downtime?

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