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7/1/13 11:32 A

emoticon Hope you're still enjoying SP. Happy 4th... emoticon

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
8/23/12 11:17 P

I've kept my weight pretty much the same for over a year. It goes down or up by a couple of pounds but never more.

I'm devoted to my pedometer and the nutrition tracker. I pretty much exercise (one way or another) at least 5 days a week but I don't run marathons!

I've found that strength training is very helpful in upping the metabolism as well as adding definition and retaining functional fitness. It's also important for bone health, which is something we should all care about.

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
8/22/12 3:05 P

Year 6 for me, in my case I am blessed to live this stuff 365 days a year. What has helped me is having a reason. I didn't like what I was getting and I didn't want any more of it so. I learned about my body, how it works. I studied nutrition and I started becoming an expert on me. Thank G-d for Jack La lanne he paved the way for us to age with class. He was an awesome template of everything I want and more.

Enjoy the journey.

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8/21/12 11:21 A

I'm not at my goal weight yet, the scale hasn't gone in the wrong direction and it's been over a year. For me my food journal keeps me in check. My husband & I write our dinner menu and stick to it. We cook serveral lunch options. So I fill out my journal in the morning for breakfast, lunch & dinner and only have to revisit it in evening to fill in any snacks.

SHOWME1341 Posts: 25
8/20/12 4:28 P

I wonder who has kept weight in check for at least a year. What did you find most helpful?

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