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MLGRAHAM09, I'm much like you, just substitute Sparkpeople for Venus. I got hooked by a Sparkpeople daily email. I received daily emails for three years before one hit me right between the eyes. Like you, I've never been the same since. I did ten consecutive monthlong Bootcamp Challenges. That, combined with religiously using the Nutrition Tracker the way God intended, totally transformed me. I have maintained since February 2012 (have been up as much as 5 pounds at various times.)

It is so do-able. We are living, breathing examples.

Spark On!

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8/14/13 1:16 A


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Congrats on your maintainance! Sounds like you have hit upon a plan that makes sense and works for's about finding something that's doable, keeps you motivated and can sustain life's ups/downs...good for you!


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Great work!

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Congratulations on your success! You look wonderful and healthy! I feel like I am on this diet yo.yo, my whole life...I want to read more about this Venus method! Thank you for the motivation.......Best wishes on continued success and great health.

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Hi, I am Liss and I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I can remember being uncomfortable about my body by the third grade. I was taller than all my friends and bigger around too. I was an emotional/boredom eater already by this time. By the 7th grade, I jumped up in height to my present 5’9” stature which helped my weight even out but I still did not like the way I looked. About that time, I found tennis and started playing for my school. The never-ending diet roller coaster started my freshman year of high school. In biology class, I learned about calories in-calories out. I tried to eat less, and it worked. I can remember being 140 by the end of my freshman year. Also that year, the high school tennis team introduced me to lifting weights, and then I found Body for Life.

The weight pendulum continued all through high school, college, and adult life. It was all or nothing on the diet side, even though I stayed consistently active. I could never find a diet that was sustainable for me- it was feast or famine. I worked out hard most days of the week both lifting and running, trying to work off those eating “failures”. I would balloon up to 160-175, even up to 195 after our first child, and then lose down to 155. I tried personal training, Zumba, BodyPump, HIIT training, kickboxing, step classes, spin classes, and P90X. I also tried the Atkins diet and the P90X diet plans.

By January 2011 I was back up to 185, again. I did HCG and did fitness classes 4 days per week (pump, step, spin, insanity). I got down to 148 by May 2011, the smallest that I had ever been in my adult life. From this latest round of weight-loss success, my local gym asked me to start teaching a Pilates class. Fast forward to January 2012, I had rebounded up to 162. I knew I had to do something. I was working out 4 days a week. Why did I not look like it? I needed a new goal, I wanted visible abs. There was no singular answer; most websites said about 15% body fat for a woman. Well I did not own calipers, how was I going to tell how much I needed to lose?

I stumbled across Venus Index during my search- a metric measurement to look your best at your height. Interesting, I was skeptical though. I listened to the whole podcast archive the next few months on my commute. Then I saw the transformations coming out of the contests and I was sold. The next VI contest- VT5 started in May 2012 and I jumped in. I am so glad I did, it has changed my life. I did the workouts and counted my calories on SparkPeople.

I am proud of the way I look for the first time in my life and am happy to report that I am off the diet roller coaster for good. I have maintained, and even improved my look since the end of the contest. I now teach VI classes at my gym and help coach other girls to their dream bodies.

Lessons from Venus Index:
■You cannot out train overeating
■Counting calories is 100% required to be successful at weight loss and maintenance, and always overestimate 15%
■A calorie is a calorie, there are no good foods/bad foods
■Workout to build muscle, diet is what shows it off
■Cardio & ab work is not king
■We are all pretty close to the same shape underneath, once you lose the fat
■It is about a look, not a weight
■If you commit to it- do it, and follow through
■It is going to be tough some days; If it was easy, everyone would look like a Venus

See pictures here on my blog-

- Liss

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