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7/19/12 6:02 P

Sadly, there are NO weight loss cures. It's all about food intake and exercise.

7/19/12 5:50 P

Please realize that the information in the link shared is inaccurate regarding the use of magnesium supplements and weight loss. I discourage the use of individual supplements, unless medically prescribed by one's doctor. In fact, this at times, can lead to overdosing and misuse. If you are looking for accurate information on magnesium and disease, please see this link which discusses the research and connection to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

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7/19/12 5:31 P

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7/19/12 11:07 A

I would also like to add to what the PP poster said and recommend you talk with your doctor before taking any new supplements.

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7/19/12 10:58 A

There is no such thing as a "weight loss cure". I don't know if this is an ad or an actual person posting.

However, calcium-magnesium supplements are awesome when you have sore muscles after a workout!

7/19/12 9:44 A

I just started supplementing with magnesium citrate and am having more energy and less food cravings. I think there is something to this magnesium supplementation. It may help with weight loss and with maintenance. The more I read about magnesium, the more I am convinced of its great importance. Magnesium oxide has only 4% bioavailability. The citrate is 90% absorbed. If you only take one supplement, it should probably be magnesium!

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