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12/2/12 7:01 P

Excellent! Very much what I would do. I love eating out and find that I can enjoy someone else cooking for me without breaking the calorie bank if I order thoughtfully.

DATABLUE Posts: 18
12/2/12 6:07 P

The portion sizes were ginormous! So what we ended up doing was ordering one entree, then I took the little bread plate (about the size of a CD) and took a small portion off of the entree plate, which ended up being about 1/6th of the entire thing. Then I ordered a side of steamed asparagus, which allowed me to eat well within my calorie limit, still feel full, and feel like I had been able to enjoy delicious food. Maybe I even enjoyed it a little more, because I knew I wasn't stuffing my face.

CHESAPEAKE60 SparkPoints: (7,707)
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12/1/12 3:02 P

Most restaurants will grill your salmon plain. Just ask for any sauce/topping on the side so you can take the first and last bites with the sauce ( allows you to be good but also sample the yummy). Same with grilled veggies. Just ask without butter or sauce. Amazing what those 2 requests does to make the calorie count nose dive!

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
12/1/12 2:51 P

The last time I ate there was before they made their nutritional info available... looking at that chart is just... WOW. Their desserts are the healthiest foods on their menu! We often hear the advice to stick with a lean protein because it's safer -- the veal porterhouse is 2400 calories hahaha!!!

GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
11/30/12 11:05 P

Through nutrition class as part of a bakers asst certificate, learned how unhealthy/high in fat some of the items are. It's scary, even the salads! I only go where I know the calories are reasonable, not outrageous. Good luck with the dining out. emoticon

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
11/30/12 10:36 P

How on earth do they make a spinach salad 1000cal! The portion sizes must be huge here, the calories are massive in everything!

DATABLUE Posts: 18
11/30/12 9:19 P

Gah, you're right. Thank you so much for finding the info, I should have thought of that. I'll ask them to box up half before they bring it out, that way I'm not tempted.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (80,976)
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11/30/12 9:12 P

Oh wow, thanks for finding that. Cringing while reading the nutrition info.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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11/30/12 9:08 P

Here's their nutritional info:

Usually when I'm looking for it, I just google "restaurant name nutritional info" and that brings it up if its' available.

BTW good lord there's nothing healthy here. Your best bet is the balsamic glazed salmon or the mushroom ravioli, both clock in at 760 calories, and if you get to pick a side, the grilled asparagus at 80 calories. All of their pasta dishes are crazy bad... so unless you have the self control to only eat half or less than half of them, you should stay away.

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KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (80,976)
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11/30/12 6:25 P

Ohhhhh boy when it comes to Italian food, I run into problems! I love Italian. I can't seem to find a menu online. Umm avoid anything fried (chicken parm, eggplant parm, etc), avoid heavy cream-based sauces (alfredo), or anything soaked in oil and butter (scampi). If you have trouble with only eating a small portion of your meal, ask the waiter to put half of your meal in a doggie bag prior to the him/her bringing it to you and eat it for lunch tomorrow. I would say to not order a pasta dish and try to have a lean protein as your main dish. Order a salad as an appetizer to help fill you up.

Edit: I'm blind, just found the menu, haha. (Half a glass of wine does this to me.) Grilled Salmon Lemon & Herb looks like it should be okay. Bowtie Aglio might be okay as long as it has a lot of veggies, I'm guessing it's with some olive oil. Ahhh Italian restaurants can be tricky.

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DATABLUE Posts: 18
11/30/12 6:17 P

My boyfriend and I are joining another couple tomorrow night for a dinner and a walk date. They've recently had a baby and this will be their first night away from the kids since the baby was born, so we let them choose the restaurant. They decided on Maggiano's Italian Restaurant. This will be my first eating out challenge since I've started revamping the way I eat. Does anybody have any recommendations on what I should order? Have you been to Maggiano's before? I'm also trying to be conscious about lowering my cholesterol, so I'm not eating red meat. How do you determine what the nutritional value of a food without a label?

(I haven't been able to find nutritional information on the website)

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