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3/11/13 6:18 P

Definitely didnt hurt anything...I just did weekly weigh in and am down 2.6 pounds from last week.

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3/10/13 10:41 P


NEWRUNNER2 Posts: 542
3/10/13 4:00 P

Sounds great! Boy, if you came out of Olive Garden only 200 calories over, way to go! emoticon

It's good to think about the way you'll do things once you get into maintenance. I think it's good for motivation and also good because you build confidence that you can do it once you get there.


KANDOLAKER Posts: 1,902
3/10/13 1:07 P

Congratulations for making it a great day! Eating out to me in one of the biggest challenges - and you did get. You can easily make up that extra 200-300. Way to make it happen!

MUSCATDBQ SparkPoints: (3,450)
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3/9/13 11:44 P

Today had the potential to be disastrous as I was hanging out with friends and we ate at Olive Garden for lunch and a local restaurant for dinner. While I went over my calorie limit by 200-300, I thought I did really well. I had one breadstick, a bowl of pasta e fagoli and a quarter of the lunch portion of cappelini pomodoro at Olive Garden. For dinner I had a steak with mushrooms, onions, and Swiss cheese with a baked potato and some melted butter. While I could have done a little better at dinner (like no cheese and such), if I had, I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much so it wasn't worth it to me. And that is ok. Im just glad that I managed to eat out for two meals and still eat under what my future maintenance calories will be.

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