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10/31/13 8:02 P

Can you share more:
What was your calorie range.
What is your new calorie range when adding in the 900 calories burned through exercise.
What is your typical calorie intake on most days

Your SP Registered Dietitian

10/29/13 9:37 P

It's been awhile since I last saw this as an issue, but I seem to recall that some folks had a problem when they changed over with the calorie range being set to include both your activities that you recorded for the day AND the "fitness goals" that were originally set for each week to get your original calorie range.

You might want to go in and change your "fitness goals" to zero and see what that does to your range, as I'm thinking that it should bring it down to a more reasonable level.

Hope this works (and that I remembered it correctly)!

Also - if your range is set for a base "sedentary" lifestyle, with no "fitness goals", then it is determined for your desired weight loss with no activity. "Eating back" your activity calories should put you in the right range, but it's very individual so you might have to play around with it for a few weeks.

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10/29/13 6:50 P

I was looking at the settings on my nutrition tracker and I noticed that there is an option to link your nutrition with your activity. I have been stuck on this platteu for about a month. I've actually gained a pound or 2. Should I really be eating all the calories from my work outs? For example, today I burned 900 calories during my workout. Does that mean I should eat 900 more calories? I want to make sure I am eating an adequate amount of food so that my body doesn't think it's starving and try to retain fat. I'm having trouble understanding exactly how this works.

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