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9/28/12 6:02 P

Thanks to everyone for the great responses! They are all appreciated. Taking it one step at a time and trying to remember that the little victories add up and make all the difference!

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
9/28/12 12:14 P

I feel your pain. I am thoroughly convinced that junk food addiction/ aka carb addiction, is a disease, just like alcohol. Just when I think I'm ahead of myself and I have this (I CAN DO IT) attitude, I blow it like a bad trombone. I can't understand why. I used to have so much will power. But anyway, it can be done, it takes some tremendous effort. The best thing I do is to eat the most filling foods, and I found that with plain nonfat greek yogurt with a tsp of natural peanut butter added in. It keeps me from binging on carbs. I hope you find your inner magical solution. Good luck!!

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9/28/12 11:48 A

You have been given a lot of very good advice. Please remember that if this parth we are on was easy, everybody would be doing it.

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9/28/12 11:41 A

You maintained! That's half the battle. Get back into it and you can bring yourself down to goal and maintain that! emoticon

SHYLO52 Posts: 24
9/28/12 11:35 A

It is so easy for me to advise others to forgive themselves for falling off the wagon, or slipping into couchpotatoism. I find that I have a difficult time forgiving myself. Until I get that under control, my life will be diet-slip-diet-slip. I am trying to tell myself that it was just a simple mistake-- learn and move on. This is my major goal for the year.

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9/28/12 11:31 A

I have a 4 year old that I'm getting healthy for too - as well as getting healthy for myself. I think tracking everything is a great place to start - that is what was, and continues, to be my primary tool. It was just amazing to me to see how many calories I was getting from junk food, or from something I would grab here or there - out of stress, not hunger.

I used to love roller blading too. I haven't gotten back into it yet but should try it again. It would give me a great way to keep up with my son on his bike.

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9/28/12 11:11 A

Hang in there! It's so hard, but you can do it!!

AMBER_DAWN1 SparkPoints: (1,960)
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9/28/12 11:10 A

Good for you hon!! Your determination is downright inspiring. You got this!!


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9/28/12 11:03 A


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9/28/12 9:27 A


MLAN613 Posts: 18,227
9/28/12 9:19 A

I say turn that anger into action. Basically, you need to choose to get back into your healthy lifestyle. You can do it!

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9/28/12 9:01 A

Hi DestinyChoice
I have been in the same spot you are in so many times, mad at myself, discouraged. Feeling like my failures were too large for me to over come. After getting mad I began to look at my good points. The fact that you lost weight and the fact that you have returned to healthy living habits are all positives. Throw your miss steps behind you and focus forward. We learn so much about ourselves because of our mistakes, use them to make you stronger. You have been able to see your Triggers for non healthy habits and now have an idea of what to avoid.
You have come back to SparkPeople for the support and we are all here for each other.

With me the first thing I did was look at myself in the mirror and see that I am a person who deserves to live a healthier life and that I am my own leader of this journey, but that I needed company, others to talk to on this trip so I came SparkPeople.

You sound like you have some great plans for getting back on Track, hiking, rollerblading and your 4 year old son. emoticon

Congratulations on you re-committing. emoticon

I wish you the very best and hope you will continue to post so we can applaud you along the way. Give yourself a big Hug.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
9/28/12 8:32 A

My technique is creating lists; not sure if that will work for you.

Also, read some of the posts on the "motivation" area of the message boards - you're not alone, and many have asked similar questions.

Best wishes on resuming your healthy journey.
Great going on learning the techniques of maintaining, btw - lots of people stumble in that area

9/28/12 8:01 A

I am so mad at myself.
Through the tools of SP and the great people here, I lost over 50lbs in 2011...going from 250 to 197. In 2012, I have not done so well. I meant to lose more weight, but just maintained from Jan. 2012 till recently...gaining and losing the same 3lbs bouncing from 197-200. I was semi-OK with that, complacent shall we say, knowing that it is also very tough to maintain. But THEN, I fell off the healthy wagon =(. I started eating anything I wanted and not exercising as much. Saying to myself "I just can't fit in the exercise, I'll eat better tomorrow, etc, etc." I am posting this here, cause I know many of you have been there. And simply, I need to vent and renew my spirit for healthy living and ongoing weight loss. It felt soooo good to lose the weight. It is true (at least to me), that "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels". So I am re-committing, as of today. First step, tracking all my food...because I have to, because it really does work. And, b/c I love many of the exercise that I do, I will MAKE time to do more of it. I love Fall, so I will get out and hike, I will go rollerblading till the snow starts flying. And I will make an exercise plan for the winter months. I must do these things for ME, because I am worth it. And my 4yr old son deserves a healthy, fit mom.

Any tips to get back on track are very appreciated. I love SP, I just need to remember to use it. And remember to take care of me!
Thanks for letting me vent! =)

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