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JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
11/30/13 6:52 P

I flirted with macrobiotics (so many of us did, a couple decades ago) but it never suited my body. I'd look for a couple of good books on the topics and maybe a local Meet Up group, too.

Good for you for a) Taking care of your mom and b) Taking care of YOURSELF - and determining that you won't carry on those family traditions of obesity and heart disease!


BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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Posts: 2,954
11/30/13 8:19 A

Wow looks like you are getting a lot of good advice. I wish you well in your journey as it has never really appealed to me.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
11/29/13 8:16 P

No, I did macrobiotics in my extreme youth, then settled into general vegetarianism for decades then graduated into being a garden variety omnivore. I eat everything and it works well for me.

Good luck with the macrobiotic diet, though. It is good to try new things.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,460
11/29/13 6:56 P

Looks interesting

QUEEN-EYDIE Posts: 12,473
11/29/13 6:43 P

My husband and I used to really be into macrobiotics, and to this day I go thru periods where I really crave the food. It's definitely more than just brown rice!

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,747
11/29/13 6:40 P

If you live near a larger city, there are clubs and groups for people who do this, even cafe's that cater to this style. One of them is near here at a Denny's, check online to see, or look on the web sites of hospitals or health clinics, dietitians offices. It's easier if you talk to people you see face to face.

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (265,198)
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11/29/13 6:21 P

You might check out this link:

I'm all about "natural" and balanced as well as probiotics. But I will never go vegetarian as a guarantee for health. -- Nevertheless, I do make note of the fact that fruits & veggies will typically almost always be far more nutrient-rich than either processed foods or other fillers.

I like many of the premises of "Eat to Live" --in terms of being a "nutritarian" vs. a vegetarian.

LOLA_LALA Posts: 659
11/29/13 5:58 P

No, as it's never had an appeal for me, but best of luck in your pursuit.

11/29/13 5:55 P

What is macrobiotics? Is it brown rice and vegetables? That's what I read somewhere but maybe I'm wrong. I'm on a vegan diet which is good for your heart and can help you lose weight as well. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, grains and beans which has helped me to drop a few pounds. I'm careful with my diet because I have congestive heart failure. What kinds of foods do you eat?

CINDY_LU_WHO SparkPoints: (15,798)
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11/29/13 5:24 P

I am returning to SparkPeople after a long hiatus because I became sole caregiver to my mother. It was probably the most difficult task I have ever undertaken. It was also the worst thing I could have done for my health. In attending a Care Givers Conference, I learned some very scary statistics that rocked me to my core.

Because of the health history of the women in my family I chose to take on the Macrobiotic lifestyle because Heart Disease stops here! The last five generations of women in my family have all died of obesity and heart disease. I am determined to change that.

So... I am looking for others who are on this food plan.

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