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5/25/12 7:11 A

First of all, congrats on the weight loss that you initially achieved! Second, that's awesome that you realized what you were doing wasn't working and instead of trying to push your body more through exercise, you are stepping back and re-analyzing what your food intake is like. Keep it up. You can do it!

5/25/12 6:17 A

That's GREAT! You're right though, we need to find what works for us individually. Here's a tool that you may find helpful in calculating calories.
Good luck!

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5/25/12 2:48 A

absolutely love reading the success stories everywhere online. I am so addicted. I get to read about people succeeding at what I want to do for myself! They all have different reasons, different lifestyles, different struggles, and different plans.

I am really thinking about what exactly my plan is. I know what I did for myself the first time around and it was an amazing effort. I accomplished a lot and I learned a lot as well.
I ate at 6am-usually egg whites and green peppers with a piece of whole wheat toast. 8am a cup of fruit and cup of milk. 11am fruit, salad, protein. 3pm cup of fruit or veggies. 5pm salad and lean protein dinner. 7pm fiber one bar and green tea (never exceeding 1400 calories a day). 8pm workout for an hour--high intensity cardio with muscle training incorporated. then sleep. I tried to get 7 hours of sleep every night. I drank 8-10 glasses of water. And I worked out 6 days out of the week.

It was a really great thing. I did it for 4 1/2 months. I lost a great amount of weight. Nearly 50 pounds! I remember the first month I just focused on eating right. I didn't make working out a part of my program. And I weighed myself the first of every month.

But I stopped somewhere. I remember plateauing the last month. I was working out harder than ever, but I wasn't losing pounds. After that I just sort of played my tune by memory. I quit logging in and tracking everything. I wasn't holding myself accountable. I stayed in that plateau for two years. ....two years. I made a one month change. I seriously cut down on sugar intake. I started losing weight again. But I recently gained it back. (moved back home from college and back to my old home where food shopping stays within the center of the store).

So I need something for me. I need something that I can do for the rest of my life. I've read hundreds of success stories. I buy and read AND stock fitness, health, and wellness magazines like a crazy person! --I want MY OWN story. And I want to start writing it today.

At the end of the day I need to do what works for me.
I'm going to snack throughout the day. I've grown quite fond of apples, pears, peaches, and pineapples, cucumbers, carrots, oranges, mixed nuts (no sodium), and DARK chocolate 80%cocoa. I also enjoy chicken, venison, and bison. I love those three proteins more than anything. I really cannot stand looking at rice or pasta anymore. I get a quiver in my stomach just looking at them. I also cannot stand whole wheat bread or crackers or anything that has flour in it basically. SO...I need to figure out a way to get some carbs in there. I know I said I despised rice...but I think wild rice might be an exception. Another thing that I'm so forcing myself to eat these days; any kind of lettuce and spinach leaves. I used to flipping love those two...but after going to college and practically living on salad everyday...eck! I need a great replacement, but I don't know what veggie might work for that. (help) And as for the rest...herbs and spices go a long way...I will experiment with them. Canola and olive oil also play great rolls. I am taking vitamins and fish oils. I also LOVE THE H2O. I also crave my teas. hmmmm....anything else....can't think of it. OH! Tomatoes! love em. haha.

So I plan on just focusing on my eating right now. I've been weight training for the past three months. My legs are seriously the most built I've ever seen or felt them to be. My arms are insanely built as well. I'm not going to COMPLETELY eliminate exercise...I'm just not going to plan it in. If a friend should ask me to go and workout at the gym...I'll go do it. If my sister or aunty wants to take a walk...I'll go. If I feel like doing yoga...I'll do it. I'm just not going to plan anything in. WHAT I EAT is the plan for right now. I'm going to try this for three weeks. I'm going to weigh myself tonight and then three weeks from now weigh myself again. I'm going to keep a food journal and stock up on good stuff.

So this is my plan right now.

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