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FYRSTORME1 Posts: 281
4/24/10 7:02 P

the processed stuff i hadn't had in like 2 months and i had though it was me but it is in everything except the food at the farmer's market

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
4/24/10 4:49 P

Are you taking any new meds, or supplements or extra vitamins? It's not normal--if it's not from meds or supplements, you really should see your doctor.

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4/24/10 4:29 P

I'm wondering, why are you eating fries and/or hamburgers??? If you can taste the chemicals in things now, why-on-earth would you subject yourself to the most processed types of food?

Just sayin'

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SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,558
4/24/10 3:26 P

are you by any chance taking topamax??? i know it can make certain foods taste acidic, i took it for awhile for headaches, and i couldnt drink soda, or orange juice, any carbonated or acidic foods were just awful

ANARIE Posts: 12,840
4/24/10 1:22 P

If this goes on for another day or two, contact your doctor AND your dentist. The most likely cause of strange tastes is an infection somewhere in your mouth, nose, or throat. Also, if you started taking vitamins or any other new medication, that could be doing it. If it's not a prescription, stop taking it; if it's a prescription, call the doctor.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 36,619
4/24/10 9:19 A

If it continues, it is something that you may want to bring up with your doctor to make sure there isn't something else going on.

Coach Denise

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FYRSTORME1 Posts: 281
4/23/10 6:59 P

The last four days i have been experiencing bitter tasting food. I can't even eat McDonald's any more because every thing tasted so bitter to me. I first discovered it while eating a sweet apple. at first i thought it was just me but i licked the apple and fund it to be bitter. i washed the apple in cold water and the bitter taste went away. the problem with this is that you can not wash fries in cold or warm water or even a hamburger. what is wrong with me? is there something wrong with me? i am thinking that since i started to detox my system that it cleared my tastebuds and now i can taste the chemicals that are being use to help these foods grow or even keep them from being spoiled. That's not a good sign for me because that keeps me from getting the calories and nutrition i need. yes it is that bad.

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