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9/15/13 9:35 A

14 September 2013 - Its a beautiful Spring day here in South Africa. Went for a walk around my mom's complex...where I took some stunning pictures for my Photo A Day I am doing on Facebook.
Started the day with a healthy breakfast. Muesli with strawberries & banana and coffee.
Lunch was Steak, onion, butternut, peas and potato bake.
I seriously need to take control of my health.
I watched an episode of How Do I Look, and it made me realize that if I want to look and feel awesome for my next reunion, which is in 2019, then I need to do something about that now.
Thats it for today, gotta go and pack up, ready to hit the road back to reality.

9/14/13 11:42 A

13 September 2013 - Day 3 of the BLC Fall Challenge
So, here I am sitting staring at the computer screen, and deciding what is going to the best for me in the long run.
Now I know that there are some things that I don't have a say in, but I know with a few tweaks things can change.
So my major change is eat my main meal at lunchtime and a small meal at supper. I am hoping this will change my eating habits.
Signing off

9/12/13 4:50 P

12 September 2013 - Day 2 of the BLC Fall Challenge.
So far, so good. Not struggling at the moment. I have upped my water intake, which in itself is a good thing.
Need to up my exercise routine, as per my pledge......note to self....set alarm clock!!!
I sometimes sit and wonder about my life. My life is a small one. I don't go out much, which I think in itself plays a big part to my low self-esteem. I always read about how other people did this over the weekend, or went away to this place....when all I ever seem to do is stay at home or visit my mom. Now I know that is not such a bad thing, but I need to see other people.
I think I need to maybe look into joining a gym....will have to see how that works out.
Anyway, here is what I ate today
Breakfast: Peanut Butter Sandwich on Brown Bread with cup of coffee.
Lunch: Wholewheat Roll with Lettuce and Tomato Salad....seasoned with salt & pepper.
Supper: Meatballs with Mash and Vegetables
Water: 8 glasses emoticon
Coffee - far to much, as it was quite cold today. I did have green tea after supper....and I stayed away from the white bread emoticon .
This is me signing off, and heading off to dreamland.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 71,584
9/12/13 1:17 A

Don't quit.

9/11/13 5:05 P

11 September 2013
So today was the beginning of the BLC Fall Challenge, and once again I am part of the amazing and awesome Dazzling Diamonds.
Part of my pledge is to show how my journey is going via this journal.
When I weighed myself this morning, I realized that the numbers I was seeing on the scales, needed to be reduced, if I was ever to become healthy. My weight today was 129.8kg...and that is a large amount of weight to be carrying around with me....and I am noticing how it is affecting my life.
My asthma is not under control, I have sore hips etc etc.
I want to, I need to reach Onderland.....and by that I mean 100kg. I don't think I can even remember when last my weight was in double figures. I hope and pray that this twelve week challenge will help me towards my goals.
Breakfast: Cornflakes with 2% milk and 2 tsp sugar & 1 cup coffee wtih 2%milk and 1tsp sugar
Lunch: One brown bread sandwich with Bolognaise and One brown bread sandwich with cold meats
Supper: Jumbo Russian with chips.
Now I need to clarify, that I don't have much say in what I have for supper, as it is cooked for me.....but I know that if I cut down my portions size, that is a good start.
Day 1 is over and done. My pledge is posted and I have blogged it.

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