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4/3/12 12:38 P

I moved last year and started up with a new doctor. The first thing he did, wave little magic pills in front of me. Doctor supervised, bla, bla, bla. Trouble - he wrote a prescription and told me it was my choice. Against my own judgment, I filled the prescription and started the pills.

Oh they worked, my appetite vanished. Trouble:
day 1 fingers started to tingle a little.
day 2 not sleeping, feeling jumpy, tingling fingers.
day 3 - some one asked me about my thesis...I could not remember anything about it. I could not keep track of my keys, was way to talky...and stupid sounding.

I quit the pills. I might be fat, but I am not a dimwit.

I am now seeing a different doctor - this dude was a pill machine. He thought antidepressants might be good for me. Not for depression, but to help ease pain and perhaps loose weight.

Sure, take a drug that snaps the brain around...nope, nope, nope. I'll stick to aspirin and do the work myself.

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4/3/12 10:08 A

I would do what all the other posters said. Vitamin B is water soluble and the body doesn't store it.

4/3/12 9:07 A

Injections? Ick. Stick with healthy food, exercise, moderation, and lots of self love. You'll lose the weight.

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
4/3/12 4:59 A

I'm going to have to say the injections are a waste of your money. change up your exercise program. start weight training. monitor your eating. You will have a healthier lifestyle and learn how to eat for life.
save your money.

GOING-STRONG Posts: 6,998
4/2/12 11:06 P

I think that the injections are a waste of money and maybe even potentially harmful. I wouldn't do it. You are eating in the correct calorie range. I suggest that you consider taking up jogging. Do 30 minute walk / jog intervals 4 times a week until you can jog continuously for 30 minutes. I did this last year and it torches calories. I was able to lose 1-3 pounds a week. Good luck to you!

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4/2/12 10:14 P

If you want your metabolism to work better take up weight training.. Don't need injections of this and that crap..

A body uses it's nutrition better and keeps a better steady state weight at maintenence if it has decent muscle mass .. There are no quick fixes to weight loss, put up your nutrition page and exercise page so people whom know you can give you more pointers where to save calories..

This journey takes work, no doctor can kick start the job for us.. Keep being a sceptical consumer!

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OUBACHE Posts: 1,159
4/2/12 12:44 P

I'm also 5'1" and I do feel it's hard to maintain a healthy weight when you're vertically challenged. We get just as hungry as tall people! I don't think I would ever have this, or any kind, of injections, however.

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4/2/12 12:30 P

I just joined a doctor supervised weight loss and I have made the appointment for next week. They give B12 and MIC injections. MIC is amino acids of some sort that help the liver function better from what I can find out about it. Has anyone tried this and is it a waste of money? I am already working out and tracking my food sticking between 1200-1500 cals a day with one cheat day. I do zumba, sculpting classes,spin and others and my weight doesn't seem to budge. I am very short (5'1) so this may be part of the problem. But I have been hovering around 150 and I should be about 115.

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