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10/8/11 4:44 P

I like the pressure cooker idea. I just ordered an electric pressure cooker off of QVC.

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10/1/11 10:41 A

Have meat in moderation.

9/27/11 8:36 P

I have trouble also with meat because I have gout. And protein reaks havoc on my uric acidlevels. For meat I eat a lot of beans, eggs, fish, tuna and chicken. I stay away from red meat and pork as muc as possible.

Chicken I buy leg quarters and freeze 2 in a baggie, tuna i make a huge salad with one can of tuna and add lettuce , tomatoes, shredded carrot chopped onion, this makes 3 1 cup servings. I buy the individually frozen tilapia fillets and allow one fillet per portion, some times I slice into strips and bread and bake for fish sticks. Ground turkey I precook and keep in the fridge for sautes or add some ketchup br sugar and spices for sloppy joe with whole wheat bun.

NOREENBX Posts: 761
9/11/11 10:45 A

I also find measuring meat annoying and confusing sometimes. I just stopped eating meat altogether. End of confusion. LOL

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
9/8/11 9:51 A

I also pre-measure my meat before freezing into 4 oz portions. Before I got a digital food scale (love that thing!), I would buy raw meat and poultry in the 1 lb packages and divide the package into fourths when I got home. I find that the raw 4 oz usually makes 3 oz cooked, although it can vary.

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9/2/11 4:30 P

Yes, I agree meats are challenging because raw weight and cooked weight is way different as is the nutritional value. I use multiple sources outside of Spark to obtain nutritional value (not sure if I can mention those sites here :-) ). Also, for the recipe calculator, I enter the nutritional value of the cooked meat to obtain the true value.

8/2/11 2:24 A

I do much of the same, I like the frozen individual chicken tenders and a serving is typically 2 tenders. I cook an entire package at a time and freeze them in portioned baggies...Quick and easy! I can throw together a salad for lunch and toss the frozen chix in and it will be thawed by lunch time.
I also like to buy the 'chubs' of ground all white turkey, they are super easy to slice into portions and freeze them.
Honestly, grocery stores make it pretty easy to portion your foods now days. Just hit up the dollar store and get several freezer containers and ziplocs!
My freezer is stocked up and it makes my life SO much easier!

SMARTYPANTS24 Posts: 268
8/1/11 12:04 P

Here's what I do:

I buy the boxes of chicken breasts at costco, and the big tube of ground beef. I don't really like any other meats, like pork, sometimes I have fish or seafood, but not often...

So I portion the beef into 4 oz packages then freeze it, then put the packages together in a big ziploc.

With the chicken, I thaw one at a time, weigh it, and whatever is extra (I eat 5 oz portions at one time) I cut into cubes and cook plain, and refreeze. When I have about 5 oz of the extra chicken, I thaw it out and use it on a chicken salad

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
8/1/11 9:40 A

I end up eating alot of healthy choice tv dinners because i can't be exact on the meat part of the supper meal . I thought about buying premeasured meat with the calorie counts on them any suggestions ? emoticon

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