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3/26/13 10:26 P

Has anyone had these? I spotted them in the grocer's freezer last weekend and picked up the Steel-Cut Oatmeal w/ Quinoa and peaches (oatmeal has some flaked coconut in it, and I think a touch of brown sugar with Quinoa). I was looking at the nutrition information for all of the meals, and I am impressed with the low sodium in all of them, especially for a frozen meal. The oatmeal meal has only 120 mg of sodium and scored an A- on the calorie count website, whatever that means!

I eat about 2 frozen meals per week, and will definitely stick to this brand only for now on when I need those little conveniences. The meal was very good, by the way. I am going to pick up the Turkey Meatball w/ Whole Grain Pasta meal next.

Here's a link to the website:

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