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11/15/13 8:50 A

Thanks everyone! This has been informative

SLIMSHANN Posts: 242
11/14/13 11:27 P

Always! only do what you can... never go into pain! even micro movements are better than nothing - maybe even better. Those people on the videos have been exercising their butts off for a long long time... pun intended lol.
micro movements of the exercise help to strengthen the little muscles that attach your big muscles to the bone. they are the ones that make you strong - like a dancer! ;-). You will find that very soon you will be surprised how much more movement you are getting from the first day.
have fun with it!

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11/14/13 2:02 P

I am going to try the resistance bands but what do you do when the dvd you are going by does lunges? Should I just do squats again?

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11/14/13 1:46 P

When you are doing lunges you are working the leg flexors and extenders. If you use a resistance band you can get similar results. Just search the SP site for resistance band exercises for the lower body. What makes lunges hard is the resistance of you body weight on your damaged knee capsules. You are wise to avoid these as they do add trauma to diseased joints. Just walking you get 3 times your body weight on your legs plus the added weight of dumbbells etc. Do your resistance band exercises with mild stretch and in a gravity eliminated plane or laying on your side.

Try ace wrap around you knees for some support or knee braces if it hurts to bend them.

You can try lunges using two chairs that allow you to reduce the amount of weight that goes on your knees. You hold on to a chair in each hand and then do the lunge.
Water exercises work really well to avoid injury and the heat is very relaxing. These can be done in a large tub or hot tub if you do not have a swimming pool.

11/14/13 1:40 P

Try split squats - they're slightly easier on the knees than lunges:

Keep your front knee behind the first shoelace hole (not like he's doing).

And wide-stance squats tend to be knee-friendlier than regular squats:
Again, keep the knees back.

CANDACEMM Posts: 1,218
11/14/13 1:13 P

I have horrible knees and I've learned to modify my lunges with steps. Yes, steps. I put my front foot up one step or up two steps and then lunge. I alternate. This change helps me and the pressure in my knees.

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11/14/13 12:50 P

Can you squat without any pain ? Some people may find that a squat is a better move for their knees than a lunge. You really don't have to do either to strengthen your legs. The one simple activity you could do is take the stairs. Climbing stairs on a regular basis will help strengthen your leg muscles. So will regular walks.

Squats and lunges are something you could do, but if it hurts to do either, then try to walk and take the stairs when you can.

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11/14/13 12:17 P

Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I see on my dvd's that they go down almost to the floor and I just wonder how they can do that! LOL...I can do the squats and stuff and if my knees start hurting I don't go as low.

VKKESU Posts: 1,008
11/14/13 11:55 A

I can't do lunges either. It throws my knees out of place and doctor said to stay away from them. I do very shallow ones (sometimes with a weight in each hand) and I also do squats to help my legs.

IF you go to a gym , walk up to personal trainer (or class instructor) and ask them what specific moves would help. They will show you and make sure you are doing them correctly. I just started with a trainer a month ago and he knows I can't do lunges, but I do most everything else. Not sure which move it was but my hamstrings up to my butt have hurt for two days. lol

I'm sure others will have more info, but wanted to let you know that you aren't the only one.

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11/14/13 11:44 A

How low do you have to go when you do lunges for them to work? I have arthritis in my knees and can't go over an inch. Or is there something else I can do that would do what lunges do for my legs? Thanks in advance.

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