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7/20/13 4:15 P

I love loading a pita pocket with lean meats and fresh veggies like cucumbers tomatoes and peppers.

7/20/13 8:46 A

This week I've been eating tuna on salads. I mix in a little bit of light mayo and some mustard into the tuna itself and then stick it on a healthy portion of mixed greens with celery, a little cheese, and whatever other veggies I have on hand. Other times I do sandwiches with pretzels and carrot sticks—or leftovers as some have stated.

7/20/13 7:10 A

I am still using some soup and bean concoctions I made Christmas. I cook a whole Turkey and Ham, then make up frozen single servings of various soups, stews, and chilis with leftovers. I am just now starting to supplement, made a beer butt chicken a couple of weeks ago and done the same. I keep fresh fruit, this week it's mostly plums, add a single serve of frozen veggies sometimes. Nuts/trail mix made up in bulk and single packed for munchies.

Load those soups/stews/chilis with veggies and pasta or beans, thin on the meat, and they'll go a looooong way.

And for the last few weeks, and hopefully quite a few to come, I make up a fresh salad from the garden the night before. Home canned pickled beets, peppers, and things such as peas I keep in the fridge at work for garnish.

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JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
7/20/13 6:34 A

I make simple meals.


Brown rice with beef or turkey.

4 Boiled eggs

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7/20/13 2:08 A

I have leftovers from dinner a lot

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7/20/13 12:38 A

Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for some easy lunch ideas - I find that the ones in the meal plans on here are rather elaborate...and seem more like something I would have for dinner.... Anyone have anything they usually go to?

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