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7/14/13 10:32 A

I have sandwich thins, but I am not sure I like the idea of them with yogurt dip.

Keep in mind that the lunch would probably be 400 calories or more with the inclusion of fruit and veggies.

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7/14/13 3:44 A

Have you got any Sandwich Thins in a store near you? Mine are high fibre, high protein, low carbs and unhealthy fats, and sodium. Mine are just over 100 calories, but you can get them lower. Make sure that you have a good amount of protein because if you don't you will set yourself up good and proper for a bit of a binge or dropping by McD's etc. Depending how long you will be at work, unless you have some healthy, filling snacks lined up also, 300 calories may be a little lite! As it appears you have some room to play with, adding a few nuts are a good way of getting extra fibre, protein and healthy fats.


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7/14/13 2:50 A

Personally, I need some sort of starch at lunch, and some protein, and wheat thins, maybe I'd switch those out for rye crackers? You could eat more rye cracker for the same calorie count, and skip some of the sodium and fat.

I make bento boxes for my lunch. I recommend it--the boxes are cute, and lunch is like opening up a gift, just for you. What I usually pack is brown rice (I have a rice cooker, and I freeze extra), some protein--it might be leftover chicken or pork or beef, or a Japanese rolled up omelete (tamago) or a couple hard boiled eggs, and then a couple types of vegies that I cook up in a larger batch perhaps or cook really quick in the microwave.

The one downside to using a bento box is that they pretty much aren't big enough for a real salad based meal, so it won't work for those who like salads for lunch. A good website for bento ideas is: http: . One can use different sorts of plastic boxes as bento boxes as well--the ones at Ikea are nice.

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7/13/13 10:55 P

I work temporarily as a nanny/ mother's helper, but my last full-time position was as a preschool teacher. During my last job, I fell in love with packing lunches. They weren't always healthy. Often, I packed leftovers from high-calorie dinners out, but I tended to avoid the fast-food joints MOST of the time (not always). Now, my desire to pack lunch is even greater. Even if I don't pack a lunch, I'll go to a grocery store or Target and pick up some fruit, yogurt, and a tuna and cracker kit instead of going to McDonalds.

I've been brainstorming ideas for lunches. Often, I'll pack leftovers, but not always.

I wanted to run a lunch menu by people to see if they have any input. I don't have exact measurements or calorie counts- especially for veggies but I figure I can paint a pretty good picture otherwise.

Mini cucumber sandwiches made by placing ham and honey mustard between two cucumber slices (maybe half a dozen sandwiches depending on how many I can get out of an ounce or two of thinly sliced, lean ham (60-70 calories or so at most) and maybe a tablespoon (30 calories) of honey mustard).

1/4 cup of Oikos Cucumber Dill yogurt dip (50 calories worth)) with a serving (140 calories) of wheat thins for dipping.

Some assorted raw veggies (baby carrots, leftover cucumber, etc) to bulk up the meal and use up leftover dip if needed.

1/2-3/4 cup worth of fresh fruit of some kind (possibly berries, but could be apple slices).

So, not including fruit/veggies, I'd be looking at around 300 calories for lunch. Obviously the produce will bring the calorie count up more, but on average my lunches are 400-500 calories and I'm still often coming up under my calorie goal for the day, so calorie wise, this looks fine.

Does this sound like a decent lunch, or is there some change I should make that would improve it? Maybe adding a 70 calorie Chobani Champion greek yogurt tube?

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