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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,009
12/5/13 7:33 A

Go on over to Walmart and pick yourself up a Coleman Lunch Box cooler. I used to pack mine in the morning with a small container of ice cubes....everything was cold all day long.

LOUNMOUN Posts: 1,332
12/4/13 11:19 P

fresh fruits and vegetables
dried fruit
nuts and seeds
nut butters
tortillas, pita bread, bagels, regular bread, crackers
granola bars

Use an insulated lunch bag or thermos. Use ice packs. I think most things that you would eat at room temperature or cool would be fine.

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12/4/13 10:24 P

I also use the food containers with little ice packs built in -- and a lunch bag that includes them as well. You might want to check out the Fit 'n' Fresh products in the SparkPeople store. That's where I bought my first ones. Then I went to the Fit 'n' Fresh company website and bought some more.

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12/4/13 10:45 A

foil packs of tuna or chicken; peanut butter (in a sandwich or eat with apples, bananas, whole grain crackers), fruit, trail mix (I like walnuts, raisins, and pumpkin seeds), popcorn (store it in a tin & it stays very fresh), dry cereal (oat squares, Special K, Kashi), LOTS of stuff.

what about a thermos?

unless you are in very extreme temps, a salad or sandwich would be fine with a cold pack or frozen bottles of water.

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12/4/13 9:18 A

I have weeks where I'm in a similar situation and I've found that a cooler with one of those reusable ice packs keeps my lunch plenty cold so salads, sandwiches, etc are all options.

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12/4/13 8:36 A

With my job, I am on the road a lot and more often than not, my lunch is eaten in the car while parked in a parking lot. Does anyone have any ideas on healthy foods I can take with me that do not require refrigeration?

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