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Veggie hummus wraps are easy to make, keep well, and are easy to eat as well. No heating needed-just keep it in a chilled lunch bag.

I frequently take leftovers from last night's dinner for my lunch the next day. Some easy ways to do this:
1. Make a flank steak for dinner. Slice up the beef to add to a salad, wrap, or sandwich the next day.
2. Cook chicken in the slow cooker for dinner. Shred the leftovers and add your fav bbq sauce for a shredded chicken sandwich. Shredded carrots go well with this, too.
3. Tuna and fixings are pretty easy to carry.


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My go to lunch is Finger veggies (carrots, celery, cucumber, zucchini, cauliflower and other veggies which can be eaten on the go or snacked on as time allows for it) with hummus (home made and all gluten/dairy free) I don't tend to make salads as I never know when I'll be able to just sit down and actually eat (i work in the school system taking pictures so its not uncommon to not get lunch so having to eat between students is common).

Fruit bars, home made vegan gluten free chocolate chip cookies (made with taff flour and the like) and quonia are also common lunch/snack items that I have with me (the quonia I'll cook at home a head of time and can snack on it or sit down to eat it as time does allow).

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IF you use Roast Beef or Roast Lamb, they make wonderful sandwiches to freeze. Use a good quality wholegrain bread. For the Beef, all you need is a little horseradish sauce. For the Lamb, spread it with a real concentrated mint sauce (the jelly ones are generally too sweet), and sprinkle it with a little grated tasty cheese. When I make them, I make a lot, and then put some baking paper between each one and freeze them in stacks. They are really yummy in the winter, zapped in the microwave, and maybe eaten with a smaller serve soup. In the summer they are great eaten with a salad.

Bulk cook some healthy make-over pizza. I make really oblong ones and then when they are cold I cut them, and freeze them. I make the 'sauce' really thick (about 1/2 to 2/3" ) and have heaps of various veges in there, (including dried lentils, carrots and celery, and often Swiss Chard), pureed down with a fair bit of tomato paste, dried basil and raw garlic, and with some oatbran to make it very thick so it doesn't run everywhere. I spread that on the base, and then add veges which are chopped small. I have my grated cheese that I mix with the veges because it helps to hold it all together, and you don't need much cheese, either. My 18yr old grandson really likes them even tho' he knows what is in it, and wouldn't normally eat half of the veges. He said it tastes just like bought, but it is heaps less calories and much better fibre/protein etc. That is nice on it's own or with soup, or a salad.

Cold baked/stuffed potato is also another good one. You can make a few and have them in the fridge for 'grab'n'go'. If you want something warm, heat them. If you like them cold like I do, they appear to be more filling.

When I was working and if I was in a rush, I would grab some cooked brown rice (always had some in the freezer in serving sizes just in case) and take a small can of flavoured tuna. Just make sure that the rice is properly stored, because that can cause health issues if left at room temp. for too long.

Cold roast vege salads are also really nice. Make them ahead of time - things like courgette, pumpkin, potato, onions, bell peppers, and drizzle with a favourite dressing, and maybe some toasted sesame seeds. That keeps well for a few days, and you can have hot or cold. If you want some meat with it, try a chicken drumstick or cold left-over meat.

Keep little bags of nuts and dried fruit in your bag, so that IF you need an extra snack, you have something healthy on hand.


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I was wondering if people could send me some ideas for lunches. I have created different soups and frozen them and take those out for lunches & I've also done salads a variety of ways. But I feel either I'm getting the winter blahs and need a little boost in my day or I'm just starting to get bored with the same thing everyday and I know that will lead to abandoning my lunch for choices out.

Keep in mind I make up my lunch every night for the next day, I work in an office. I like a lot of different types of foods & flavors and I'm not opposed to making things on the weekends or freezing ahead in correct portion sizes.

So any fresh ideas, your favorite lunch or pointing me to Sparkpeople recipes to try would be very helpful.


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