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3/8/10 1:23 P

I had been hearing about Quinao and decided to try it. Apparently, it's a pure protein and makes a great and easy salad that you can bring to work! make it according the to package, but use fat free chicken broth instead of water. Then mix in some black beans, corn, cilantro and some salsa. An easy, VERY LOW FAT, VERY LOW CAL, easy lunch for work!

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3/7/10 10:00 P

Hard boiled eggs? single serving tuna, or a frozen dinner microwave along with a pce of fruit?

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3/7/10 12:19 P

I like to microwave an Uncle Ben's single serving of brown rice, then stir it into a bowl with a Starkist flavored tuna packet (my fave is Sweet and spicy) then I have micro steamed veggie on the side. Nice light meal, portable and very satisfying.


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3/6/10 1:40 P

Lettuce wraps are easy on budget and calories... My favorite is to use lettuce large lettuce leaf, layer with turkey, spread with cream cheese or slice of pepper jack, layer peppeocinis, green, red,peppers, onion, cucumbers, pickles, olives, roll and dive in! YUMmy and filling! Use whatever is on hand... Leftover chicken with steamed veggies wrapped with spinach...many options... be creative!

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3/5/10 8:59 A

not sure if you have a micro or a fridge for work but here are some ideas

left overs from dinner

large fruit salad with greek yogurt on top and a little sprinkle of cereal or granola for a crunch

egg salad (use more egg whites than yolks) little greek yogurt and ranch dried pack seasoning on toasted whole wheat

veggie soups
veggie wraps with low fat cheese

sandwich pita (whole wheat) stuffed with whatever protein you make for dinner and lots of veggie and or hummus

salads packed with different veggies than you are used to (try using different blends of lettuce, etc)

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3/4/10 7:40 P

What are your usual go tos? That would be helpful to know.

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3/4/10 10:15 A

I need some new quick and yummy lunch ideas that are convenient enough for me to bring to work, I'm running out of ideas and I'm growing tired of the 'same ole', same ole'.. any recipes or ideas??

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