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7/28/13 6:36 P

I just use low fat buttermilk.

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7/18/13 7:02 P

An easy fat-free buttermilk substitute is to put 1 tablespoon of either lemon juice or vinegar in a 1 cup measure, fill to one cup with skim milk. Let stand for 5 minutes.

The mixture with lemon juice tends to be nicer in sweet baked recipes.

I always have these things available so it's my go-to substitute.

SATTVA Posts: 811
7/16/13 2:03 A

Mix nonfat yogurt with nonfat milk till it's the consistency of buttermilk. It works. In recipes with baking powder, you need the acidity of the buttermilk to make the baking powder work -- so then add a small amount of lemon juice.

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7/15/13 10:30 A

Soy milk or unsweetened applesauce can replace the liquid in any muffin recipe

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7/13/13 1:25 P

hmm, well, lowfat buttermilk has about 2 gr. of fat in a cup; that's fewer calories and less fat than 2% (reduced fat) milk. (li think lowfat buttermilk is typically available in supermarkets).

if you want less fat than that, i was going to suggest adding about a tsp. of lemon juice or vinegar to skim milk, but I think non-fat yogurt might be a better option.

since you mentioned lower-fat, another possibility would be to replace some or all of the butter / oil / fat ingredient with applesauce.

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7/13/13 1:05 P

Hello!! I was wondering what could be a lower fat alternative to buttermilk? I'm making bran muffins for the week ahead and would like to stick with as low fat as possible. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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