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1/12/13 8:49 P

Coach Nancy, thank you for your advice for people with back pain and exercise. It's nice to know that we can lose weight even without the aerobic exercises. After my physical therapy and healing, I plan to (with my doctor's approval) get back on my elliptical machine and use my Wii and other videos for exercise.


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1/12/13 7:33 P

Hi shadow,

I have always found that no matter how hard the journey, it's always easier if you aren't alone in it! It's great that you and your wife did so well... I always find getting the eating part is the hardest! It's good that you and your wife are working together towards such a worthy goal: better health.

I would think resistance bands would be good as long as you aren't causing any further damage. I, on the other hand used weights to increase resistance. Then again, I did drop one and gave myself a black eye... Lol consider that when choosing how you will proceed. Lol no matter how you build it, muscle is better than fat, and a strong core will be your lifesaver after your surgery.

I'm rooting for ya! Remember, your efforts may be a bit slow in creating change, but at least you are still moving in the right direction... It would be very easy in your current state to start moving backwards... So pat yourself on the back (if you can without hurting!)

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1/12/13 5:48 P

Thank you for that. It certainly helps to hear that all is not lost. When my wife and i started this program last year we did so good, were waling over 12 miles a week. (now i can barely do 1 at a time). We lost 50 pounds together inthe first month. (the meal plan really helped me figure out what and how much to eat.)
i have resistance bands and found some things that don't hurt to do. so i guess if i build some muscle it will eat up some fat, and that will help me get to the point whee i can build up my core slowly. Thanks again fo the help.

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1/12/13 12:14 A

I have a herniated disk and also suffer with crippling back pain, lasting weeks to months. It can be such a frustrating experience, because doctors kept telling me the weight was making my back worse, but I couldn't do anything to get my heart rate up in order to help lose weight. Plus, the limited mobility made me feel depressed, and I used food for love and comfort... Yup, making the weight climb and the back pain worse.

Now I would never give u any advice regarding what you can and can't do, because I'm not your doctor. But I did discuss it with my chiropractor who had some suggestions for me at the time. For example, when I was icing my back, I would do arm exercises. It distracted me from the freezing cold, and I felt like I was doing something at least.

Bottom line: just do whatever you can right now to get healthy, but don't beat yourself up because you can't do everything you want. That is out of your control right now. Just focus on the things you can do, and just remember you are doing everything you possibly can, and the fact you are doing it is AWESOME!

Keep positive, even though its tough. This will not be forever, and if you get started on healthy habits now... How much easier is it going to be once your surgery is over! Think of this as your gradual introduction to your new, healthy lifestyle.

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1/11/13 11:25 P

Thanks coach, i know a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and i know 1 step leads to another. I also know loosing weight will help my condition as well. I guess starting with the diet change will help. ill try that for now. thats why my goal is to loose 2 lbs by the end of the week, and take it from there. crawl first walk later run after that!

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1/11/13 11:17 P

Hi SHADOW2201,

So sorry to hear about your back issue, however, SparkPeople's experts and members are not in the position to offer any exercise (cardio or ST) suggestions for those suffering from any type of medical condition including back pain. You may want to ask your doctor for a referral to a physical therapist to see if he/she could develop a program that will not worsen your condition.

That being said, weight loss is mostly achieved from following a healthy diet.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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1/11/13 11:11 P

Hi There. I have medical conditions with my lower back requiring surgery. I followed your program befor the condition got worse and lost 35 lbs in my first month. However, now it is worse and just walking to my car from the store is a challenge. I want to be able to work out a little but the pain is unbearable. What can I do to loose weight faster. I have altered my diet dramatically, but i feel there has to be more i can do. I have a treadmill and resistance bands. I just lack the motivation to make the pain worse. Please help.


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