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10/5/13 6:11 P

The thing that crosses my mind is that was it actually 'Triglycerides" that were low? Were you also talking about the others at the time, that the "low" could have applied to?

Below is a link to the Mayo Clinic that may be helpful to you:


SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,123
10/5/13 9:08 A

How low are they? Are they lower than 35? Do you have a thyroid problem? Do you take Cholesterol medication? You may need better nutrition...are you restricting healthy fats in your diet?

What did your doctor say? Low triglycerides are rarely a problem and if your doctor did not run any other tests for malnutrition he may not be concerned.

Always discuss with your doctor what medical treatments and changes in your lifestyle will better your condition...Consult your medical professional for guidance.

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10/5/13 6:39 A

Did a doc review the results with you?

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10/5/13 12:29 A

Did your doctor say you need to raise it? Having below-normal triglycerides isn't a problem by itself. If they're *extremely* low, it can be a warning signal of liver problems, but then you have to solve the problem, not the symptom.

Ask your doctor. "Below normal" isn't the same as "too low."

10/4/13 9:15 P

Hi profession nutritionist out there,

Had blood work done yesterday, good on HD and LD cholestorol but my triglycerides we're low. Below normal.

I have been doing a low processed starch high protein diet. BMI currently about 21.6. BF according to my scale is about 18 percent.

I read that this kind of diet can by used to lower triglycerides when they are too high. But could that also be why it is lower than normal? ANy thing Diet wise I could do to healthily raise it?

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