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2/17/09 4:14 P

"not particularly fond of using chemicals to sweeten foods..."
Sugar is a chemical. So are salt and water and starch, for that matter. And I should mention that the most toxic substances known are all "natural" chemicals as well.

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2/17/09 4:06 P

I agree... plain yogurt, and pack some fresh fruit (or some frozen fruit, and let it thaw :D). Our supermarket sells plain yogurt in individual serving cups, so yours may, too.

Thankfully, I don't have an allergy to artificial sweeteners, but I LOATHE them. The taste of them... yuck. Even Splenda... I can taste it. I'd rather go without than eat the fake stuff. LOL! I know how hard the hunt is... aspartame seems to be in almost all the lowfat yogurts. Blah!

2/17/09 3:25 P

I make my own yogurt. It's very easy and the best. You can add as much or as little sweet in it as you want. Mine is always fat free and without sugar. When I give it to my 7-year-old I put some fresh fruits in it and he loves it.

2/17/09 3:24 P

Just pick up a plain, unsweetened yogourt, and stir some fruit or something in yourself. :)

2/17/09 3:20 P

Hi everyone!

I'd like to have less sugar in my diet, but unfortunately I can't eat too much aspartame. I may have a slight allergy to it; I get headaches and sometimes feel sick after eating foods that contain it. My problem is, I really like lite/low-fat/low sugar yogurts that I can just throw in my lunch bag, but so many of them contain the fake sweetener. I love greek yogurt, but it's expensive and not portable.

Any brand suggestions? I don't care for Splenda products either, as I'm not particularly fond of using chemicals to sweeten foods.

Thanks so much!

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