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1/4/13 11:49 P

If you have access to a microwave you can take any of your low-sodium dinner leftovers in an insulated lunch box.

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1/4/13 11:14 A

I mainly rotate 3 lunches. One per week.

Lentils and brown rice:
dice onion, carrots, celery. Put in large pot with some olive oil. Simmer for about 5 minutes. Add 1 bag washed lentils and one cup washed brown rice. Add 5 cups water, salt, pepper and 4 bay leaves. Bring to boil and then let simmer until done. Sometimes I add a can of diced tomatoes instead of salt. I heat up a cup of it every day for lunch. Nice and filling.

Black beans, brown rice and frozen corn.
1 cup washed brown rice in 4 cups water. Cook for about 30 minutes or till done. Add drained and rinsed black beans, bag of frozen corn and a jar of salsa. I take a bowl of it to work so I have one cup every day.

Pita bread and tossed salad
Bring a large tossed salad to which I add either garbanzo beans, rinsed tuna, or reduced fat cheese. I bring the add ons separately. At lunch I warm up a pita bread and stuff it with my salad.
I usually have one or two oranges with my lunch. This plan works for me because it is helpful in so many ways: I don't have to think about lunch every day; it is nutritious and fills me till supper; it is tasty.

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1/3/13 2:35 P

Thanks for this tip on the chili and more. Good ideas.

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1/3/13 12:26 P

I like to make a pot of chili using low sodium or sodium free tomatoes as well as a chopped onion, beans and browned ground beef or ground turkey if you want to add meat. Chili powder, black pepper, cumin and if you like cilantro, some of that. Quick and easy and it's good alone, over rice, over salad or in tortillas. I have substituted lentils for the meat and I like it that way too. Also a great opportunity to add extra veggies if you have them. I like zucchini, sweet peppers and eggplant. It freezes well.

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1/3/13 12:15 P

You can roast your own meats to cut down on the sodium, and then just slice them thin to use in sandwiches. Look for seasonings like Mrs Dash or Cajun seasonings that do not have sodium in them. You can also use wraps to cut down on the sodium that is in bread.

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1/2/13 11:19 P

What about cooking and freezing fresh vegetable soup and heat at work. A crockpot ful is enough for several meals. Also, Progresso makes several low cal, low sodium soups, and they're tasty. Also, romain lettuce makes a good wrap for veggies or low sodium deli meets.

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1/2/13 7:11 P

I'm looking for low sodium lunches to take to work. It's difficult due to lunch meats and soups being so high in sodium I feel my choices are limited.

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