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7/18/13 4:40 P

I thought you might find this article helpful. God bless.>

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7/17/13 10:04 P

Ok, I REALLY appreciate everyone's help! I do feel that I need to give you all a little more back ground. I am 35 and have been back and forth with food and nutrition my entire adult life. When I was younger, I was great about eating right/ staying in shape. I have Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia (my heart randomly beats too fast is the short explanation) Endometriosis and High Blood Pressure, to name a few things. I also have an eating disorder. Binge Eating Disorder. I am trying to eat healthy and control portions. I know that fat is a big issue with my eating, and I want to drastically lower that area. I also know that there are good fats and bad fats, but it boggles my mind. I also know that I eat a lot of red meat and want to decrease this while controlling my protein. I need the protein, but red meat is not the greatest thing to get this from. I did consciously eat more chicken and beans this week. I know that I am doing better with my choices, but I am impatient.

I am also not allowed to exercise right now. I am very frustrated by this. The only thing I can do right now is control my diet. SP recommends 1200-1550 calories per day for my weight loss goals. This isn't an issue, as some days I could eat less than that and not be hungry. I don't eat mayo or dressings, so salads and sandwiches are fairly healthy. I also don't really care for cottage cheese or yogurt, but haven't had either in a while, so I am willing to try them for the sake of weight control and health. I don't eat many "sauce" like things at all (BBQ, Dressing, Mayo, Mustard) Nor do I eat many cooked veggies, almost no pork (I do love bacon), and very little fish (love shrimp and scallops, but who can afford that?), and due to a health issue many citrus fruits can only be eaten in very small quantities. I do know I need nutrients from a variety of foods and sometimes suck it up and eat them. I hate green beans, but I eat them because I need the nutrients!

I am also trying to quit smoking. I really want to be a healthier me! I spent 13 years in a dysfunctional, emotionally/ psychologically abusive relationship and just didn't care about myself. I am now in a healthy relationship and desire the body to go along with it. My fiancee couldn't care less how much I weigh, he actually told me to get healthy if I want, but not too skinny, because that's not healthy or attractive. He has been eating better with me. He supports everything I do, and I am grateful, I am just so lost.

Again thanks to everyone for suggestions and any others would be greatly appreciated.

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7/17/13 10:21 A

My go-to for higher protein things are cottage cheese, Eggbeaters, string cheese, Joseph's pita wraps, adding to chicken to my salads and kale. I've found some veggies to have a good deal of protein also. Broccoli and watercress are things I like to add to my salad to bump up the protein, too.

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7/17/13 10:09 A

As others have suggested, more fruits and vegetables and less convenience-food (with their associated high fat and carbs) might knock your proportions back where they should be all by itself or with just a little added protein (like the turkey sandwich someone mentioned, or a yogurt). This is something you just have to prioritize somehow if you want good health alongside weight loss. Cooking ahead helps. You can buy a cooler bag and bring meals with you if needed (especially if you have access to a microwave, though there are plenty of good meals that work well cold). Likewise with bringing snacks. I probably wouldn't turn down the home-cooked meals in your position even if they weren't always perfectly ideal, but the fast food could be ditched.

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7/17/13 10:07 A

I don't eat a lot of meat, so I really have to keep an eye on my protein levels. I find that a cup of cottage cheese and fruit (for a snack or dessert) is usually enough protein to keep me on target. Yogurt is also a good option. I eat fuller fat versions (2-4%) for my dietary needs.

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7/17/13 9:37 A

What are you having for breakfast?
A cortisol-lowering, easy-to digest breakfast such as a green smoothie, berries, or citrus fruit and black tea may help your body to be ready for lunch. A simple tuna, chicken, or salmon pouch and a plastic fork can fit into any purse and make an easy protein-packed lunch and some nuts or seeds for snack.. For dinner, I like to keep it simple: good meat and fresh veggies. The combinations are endless: salads, soups, stir-fries, veggie wraps, steamed, fried, roasted, baked, etc.

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MOMMYRE Posts: 403
7/17/13 8:02 A

I have an issue not really being hungry at lunch if I eat breakfast. I eat something so I am not hungry during class. I then don't get hungry again until 9pm or so. If I don't eat then I'm starving when I leave school so I make poor choices and wind up hungry again at 11 pm. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I am adopting some of them. I think I just overreacted because if my protein isn't within range but my fat is, then I have trouble raising one but not the other.

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7/17/13 6:08 A

Something I noticed on a few days you had a granola bar and fruit for lunch or chips only. In my opinion that is not lunch but a snack. Having a whole grain turkey sandwich with fruit would add balance, nutrients, and keep your energy up. Also is 1300-1400 your calorie needs because it seems low?
I would encourage you to view a meal as a balance of protein/carbs/fat/protein. Also if you want to lower fat content small changes such as 2 percent instead of whole milk. Scramble egg whites and one yolk instead of 2 full eggs.
For adding more produce what helps me is at each meal and snack to try to add it in so if I have cereal add some fruit and top a sandwich with veggies. Keeping some cut up to snack on and bring on the go. If you have a meal at a family members that lacks them just try to add some in at another meal

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7/17/13 3:37 A

If you are seeking lowfat, as the title of the thread says, nuts and seeds are high in (healthy) fats.
I agree with Socal Lee's earlier response of recommendations.

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7/17/13 1:38 A

Here's a thought. Buy a bunch of frozen fruit -- keeps forever. Microwave it so it almost turns into a sauce, then add cottage cheese or greek yogurt.

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7/17/13 1:23 A

Have you thought about using some down time to make a variety of healthy casseroles/soups/pizzas etc. and freezing them in individual serves for when you are tired or don't have time? All you need do is zap them, then. I do this all the time. It is a great way to save money because you only use one lot of power/gas, and one lot of cleaning up after, PLUS you can take good advantage on meat and vege specials, (don't forget frozen veges are often cheaper and just as healthy, and at time MORE healthy, than fresh.) My frozen casseroles etc. are stretched out a lot with red lentils and/or kidney or cannelloni beans. Good protein and good fibre. They are also stretched out with a variety of veges, too.

Just be aware that nuts and seeds are quite high in fat, too, but they are a healthy form of fat.


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7/16/13 8:26 P

It's hard when you've got such a busy schedule, but doing things like having fruit salad ready to eat in the fridge helps a lot. You can also prep a lot of vegetables when you do have free time (peeling and chopping carrots, chopping broccoli, washing lettuce, etc) so that it's easier to throw together a salad or have something you can steam quickly. I like to pack a big salad for lunch at work; I use an insulated lunchbag with an ice pack to keep it fresh. Hardboiled eggs are great for protein and again, something you can make ahead and keep in the fridge. I like to chop one up and throw it into my salad.

Good luck!

MOMMYRE Posts: 403
7/16/13 2:20 P

Thanks! I hadn't realized that my veggie intake was so low. It's really funny because I love veggies. Raw or steamed, rarely cooked. There are a few veggies I like cooked such as onion, but I can find healthy ways to cook veggies. I am going to the grocery store after class tonight. I get out of class a little earlier tonight, so I should feel more like doing something. I also LOVE fruit (fresh, raw fruit- not cooked fruit pie stuff) so I am going to try to buy some things to make a fruit salad. I still need to up my protein, maybe I will pick up some sunflower seed or almonds.

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7/16/13 2:25 A

Good for you for being honest and aware. I encourage you to continue tracking and take to heart some of the suggestions posted here.

7/15/13 7:48 P

I only saw one day that your fat intake was over your SP range by a few grams. It was a day you had both a high fat taco and a higher fat steak.

Easy ways to increase fruits and veggies:
--get a salad at a FF restaurant
--pack an apple, banana, orange, grapes, strawberries to take to school.
--munch on baby carrot sticks, raw veggies, etc.

SP Registered Dietitian

MOMMYRE Posts: 403
7/15/13 6:28 P

A lot of my issue is convenience. I am in school four nights a week. My parents keep my son. Sometimes I wind up eating there after class, just so I don't have to cook when I get home. They don't really worry about diet, etc. Last night there was only one veggie which surprised me. I was invited over for dinner and they usually have at least a few veggies, but it was a carb filled menu last night. When I don't eat there I wind up in some drive through. I am trying to make better choices there too, but sometimes I am just too tired to think.

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7/15/13 6:24 P

Chicken or turkey, white meat. Lean cuts of pork. Cottage cheese. Greek yogurt. Eggs; stick to egg whites if you're really worried about fat, but I don't find eggs to be a problem in that regard. Cod or haddock are healthy fish choices, low in mercury and sustainably caught. Of course a lot has to do with how you prepare the food, but you already know that.

I looked at your tracker for a few days and noticed that you don't eat many vegetables; in fact, hardly any. Do you find that you're filling up on simple carbs (biscuits, bread, rice, potatoes)? That could be throwing your macronutrients out of balance. If you want to eat healthier, you could try adding a salad to dinner or even substituting a vegetable serving for bread, rice or pasta-- maybe have steamed broccoli instead of a biscuit with dinner, for example. Good luck!

MOMMYRE Posts: 403
7/15/13 4:56 P

I am struggling with my daily nutrition. I have noticed lately that I either have high fat and very low protein or I am below my target zone in both areas. I want to be eating healthier, but I seem to be missing something. I eat plenty of meat, or at least I think I do. I also eat A LOT of black beans. Any suggestions for low fat high protein foods. Just so you know I do not eat much fish, and absolutely hate tuna. I will eat most other types of fish, except crab and oysters. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. emoticon

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