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5/22/14 2:30 P

Remove meat juices and place in pan.
Place in Freezer until fat rises to the top and turns solid
Spoon off and discard solid fat,meat juices should still be liquid
This is ready to warm and use as a Au Jus
For a thicker gravy, use Glucomannan flour also called Konjac Root flour ( 0 calorie, sold in health food stores or online) and use in place of cornstarch or regular flour. To keep from clumping in gravy place g. flour in mug or cup, add a small amount of Hot Tap Water and blend with a fork into a paste before adding to gravy. Be sure to stir until thickened as with regular flour/cornstarch.

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5/21/14 6:12 P

Your vegetarian gravy sounds good, instant potaotoes is always a good thickener.

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5/20/14 10:16 A

I've never made meet gravy but I wonder if the procedure for vegetarian gravies might be helpful ... I usually make a roux of some margarine and flour, add veg broth and water, sauteed mushrooms and onion, thyme, garlic and balsamic vinegar. If you're making it for people who don't like mushrooms, skip that - but if you combine the lighter roux + broth/water and add the spices plus some of the chicken stuff, that might lighten it up because it's not so dense in fats. I bet rosemary instead of thyme would be good with the chicken flavor. I would just add lots of other flavorings so that you can dilute the fattiness but still get a rich flavor.

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5/17/14 9:21 A

As a Brit, we have sunday lunch every week and that means roast meat and gravy. I have do healthy versions of most things but I would like a good rich gravy that is low fat and not instant. If you have recipes, I would love to hear them...especially chicken gravy.

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