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9/4/12 12:38 P

I'm probably the closest person you'll find on this site who goes low fat. I eat about 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fat. Sometimes its more like 15% fat. I've had good results from it. The protein keeps me full and helps make sure I don't lose much muscle. Then I get enough carbs for energy. I tend to eat 3 fruits a day which is where most of that comes from. The fat I get in a day generally comes from eggs or a little olive oil. I have to remind myself to eat peanut butter or nuts some days to make sure I get some fat.

9/4/12 12:27 P

Thanks everyone. I found my trainer's recommendation shocking as it is inconsistent with everything I've understood previously to be a healthy, sustainable balance. Not least because it would mean cutting out some of my healthy favourites like nuts and avocados. It seems like that is the consensus view too!

I'll talk to my trainer about this, but plan to stick with 20 - 30% calories from fat. Thanks for your feedback and help!

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9/4/12 10:25 A

That advice is very inconsistent with what the dieticians preach here. Plus, almost impossible to implement and still eat semi normally. There are dozens and dozens of approaches to losing weight. Spark has an approach that has worked for a lot of people and there is a lot of literature to support it. I like this approach becaue it is not only allowing you to lose weight, but it is teaching you how to eat for the rest of you life. You dietitions approach sound like a serious deprivation approach. How long do you think you can maintain that?

I have read a number of articles here that stress that we should not consider this a diet because I diet initmates that you are denying yourself something you really want. Instead of "dieting" we are supposed to learn to eat what we like within the strucuture of the guildlines. Otherwise you will be very tempted to cheat and there goes the diet.

There is also an issue with insufficient fat that has to do with what you will burn during exercise if you do not have enought fat. I cannot speak to that as an expert, but it is something you should look into.

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9/4/12 10:22 A

Hi Joy

Does your trainer have a degree in nutrition and is she a registered dietitian? If not, it's illegal for her to be giving you this advice. (I say that as a trainer myself who would not be able to tell people this kind of thing.) Besides that, I think her advice is dangerous and not founded in reliable research. I would highly recommend you not follow her advice. You are much better off following the nutritional recommendations SparkPeople has given you.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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9/4/12 10:20 A

I haven't had experience with that myself- I would be concerned that that amount of fat is too low and that much protein could create problems for your system- is this person a trained dietitian? How long does she want you to follow this plan? I follow a higher protein diet, but I usually get 30-40% from protein, 20-30% from fat, and the rest from carbs! It works well for me, but different people find different proportions work better for them!

9/4/12 10:10 A

Hello all,

I am working out with a personal trainer who is also providing dietary guidance to support my weight loss goals. After reviewing my diet, she has advised me to increase significantly my protein intake while reducing dramatically my fat intake. Overall, her recommendation is to consume: 40% calories from protein, 55% calories from carbs, and only 5% of calories from fat. Keeping the fat calories under 5% is going to be extremely challenging. Has anyone received similar guidance and/or had success with this sort of plan?


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