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3/26/14 11:24 A

I tweak everything, all of my favorite homemade dishes have been tweaked to be healthy. It's fairly simple to do. Those that I can't tweak I choose to omit from my diet or have a small serving and track so that it fits into my nutritional numbers. My doctor has put me on a high protein low fat/carb diet and I find it is working very well for me. Being able to track my percentages here on spark has been a godsend.

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3/25/14 5:54 P

There are a lot of ways to modify foods. Only eating things like salad that you don't particularly like will be hard to stick to.

For omelets try egg white omelets. If you are able maybe even just add one whole egg to get the flavor you want and use whites for the rest. Omit cheese or sprinkle just a little low-fat/fat free cheese.

For pizza make your own and use low-fat/fat free cheese more sparingly that usual. Sometimes I will take half of a whole wheat bagel and put a little sauce and cheese sprinkled on top and toast it.

I really think the best thing to do would be to look at what your family typically eats and enjoys then find ways to modify those meals.

Some other things that I do that are tasty and "husband approved" (by mine at least):
- Lean turkey burgers or meatballs with different herbs, spices and veggies mixed in.
- Chicken fajitas w/onions and pepper (sometimes some homemade salsa). I use a non-stick pan and find that I don't have to add any additional oils. Sometimes I will even eat it without the wraps.
- Baked french "fries" with just a little bit of olive oil sprayed using my Misto.

All three of these my husband adds cheese to, but I omit the cheese.

3/25/14 9:49 A

The grill is great! But since it's covered in snow, try your broiler. You can get really good flavors out of broiled meats without adding a lot of fat. One I like is pork tenderloin, marinated in Asian flavors. Combine soy sauce, ginger, green onions, garlic and half a teaspoon of sesame oil. Let that sit for awhile and then remove it from the marinade and broil about 20 minutes. Yum!

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3/25/14 7:22 A

You've gotten some great suggestions! I'm going to suggest a specific recipe:

This is Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken. It's from the Spark Cookbook, but it's also available here at Spark Recipes so you don't have to buy the book. Ignore the photo at the the top of the recipe-- it's sort of a serving "suggestion" and shows cheese, but there is no cheese in the recipe. It's easy and tasty and budget-friendly and low fat and makes a bunch. The photo shows it served in a wrap, but I usually serve it over rice. Or I add some black beans and corn to it. You don't even need a slow cooker-- I've made it in a large pot on the stove-- just dump all the ingredients in the pot, heat on maybe medium high til it comes to a boil, then turn the stove down, cover the pot, and let it simmer for an hour or so til the chicken is easily shredded with a couple forks.

There are a ton of recipes in Spark Recipes. A lot of them are user-entered, so they're not *necessarily* all healthy or low fat or low sugar or whatever. So you have to look at the nutritional information (included for every recipe) to see how it stacks up. You can also enter your own recipes, to get the calorie/carb/ fat/ protein etc counts.

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3/25/14 4:13 A

You can do a lot of meals that have cheese without cheese. Nachos would be hard, but tacos are great without cheese. Corn or flour tortillas, chicken or beef, beans, veggies, taco sauce--I almost never put cheese on mine any more.

Pasta can be made with red sauce and lean meat. Chili is just meat and beans (or no meat).

Asian foods don't involve cheese, and that's pretty much half the world! You'll need to avoid the coconut milk in Thai and Indian food, and make sure that you are eating lean meat and not a lot of oil, so take-out is not a great idea, but Thai, Indian, Chinese, etc are great, flavorful options.

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3/24/14 10:22 P

When your family has pizza, make your own small pizza with the pizza dough that a lot of supermarkets sell. Just put some chopped tomatoes, some fresh basil and some non-fat mozzarella cheese on top. I really like a parmesan cheese alternative (Go Veggie), although it is not really low-fat. It is lower-fat, half the total fat of grated parmesan cheese. Tastes the same to me!

Even better is nutritional yeast (Bragg's is the brand I know) which tastes very cheese-y, has no fat and is really tasty. It has that 'umami' taste that parmesan cheese and some other foods have. I get a craving for it! Some of that sprinkled on some pizza would be good, too.

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3/24/14 9:16 P

turkey burgers
chicken marinara
broiled fish

3/24/14 7:22 P

Check your nutrition tracker---since you are counting calories and focusing on weight loss---you may already be following a lower fat diet.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is the #1 benefit for fatty liver. And you are already on this track.

I like your ideas of grilling your lean meats---and you can bake them in the oven or do them on top of the stove for now.

Make your omelet with a sprinkle of cheese and load on the veggies.

Anchor your meals with fruits, veggies, salad, broth based soup. And round out your meal with lean meats and lowfat dairy.

your SP Registered Dietitian

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3/24/14 7:14 P

The easiest way to suppliment for fat, oil and cholesterol without sacrificing flavor is to add spices.

Try replacing fried chicken with something like panko crusted chicken breasts. You can add some seasonings to the panko crumbs. Also try using light olive oil if any oil at all in getting the panko to stick. I ended up realizing I like panko better than batter anyways!

Also you can substitute apple sauce for alot of butter in recipes that can help as well. typically baking (smartly) can save you alot of fat and cholesterol over frying dishes. The biggest thing is to be smart and plan ahead. When "throwing something together" last minute, it is usually alot harder to be good.

You're 100% on track with the grill, but anything you can make on the grill you can make on the stove or in the oven as well (albeit without as nice of grill marks :-p). I have a pan that has grill bars on it to even make my steaks look like they came off the grill. It's great for bad weather.

It's hard at first but low fat doesn't have to mean bland and you will definitely get used to it. Other small things you can do to help are switch to a lower fat percentage of milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc. Dairy is an easy item to lower fat in. turkey bacon is not as good as regular bacon but it's better than no bacon so you can substitute that as well!

One example of something you can do is the meal your family had last night:
You can make their omelettes normal if you want, and then make yours using egg whites (more expensive than eggs unfortunately). Don't use very much cheese in yours, and use extra sharp cheddar because you get the cheese flavor without nearly as much cheese to get it. Try cutting up a couple pieces of turkey lunch meat to put in yours and make sure to fill with vegetables, such as chopped peppers, onions, tomatos, etc.

I think you'll find that you can still have delicious meals without sacrificing too much on flavor :).

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3/24/14 7:05 P

I have been told I have fatty liver disease. The doc advised me to eat a low fat, low cholesterol, no fried foods diet. My family just had omelet for dinner, while I had a salad. Their other favorite is pizza! Ugh! Everything they like is smothered in cheese! We even went to an athletic banquet last week, where I was 6 feet past the start of the table before I found something NOT covered in cheese! I made good choices, but I would like to find something's that the whole family will enjoy, that are also budget friendly. Once it warms up, and the snow melts, the grill will be my best friend. Right now, it's still buried in snow !

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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