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10/14/11 7:06 P

I have been trying to increase my intake of fruits and vegetables but when I do I end up with more carbs and not enough protein. How do I balance the two emoticon

KAIPOW88 Posts: 257
10/14/11 6:56 P

Carbs are essential to your diet. Have you looked into low glycemic carbs versus eliminating/limiting carbs all together? The idea is that the foods that fall lower on the index will be processed slower and insulin will be released at an even rate to burn the food, providing you with long lasting energy versus higher foods, white flour starches, sugary foods, these your insulin will peak fast and then drop. Leaving you hungry and drained. Lowering your carb intake can result in hunger and fatigue in the same way. Look into it, it's an easier lifestyle to maintain and it's healthier for your body!

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10/14/11 1:06 P

How tall are you?

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10/14/11 12:03 P

It doesn't look like you're eating enough.
Try having some meat with your veggies at lunch. Protein will keep you fuller longer.

Good low carb snacks:
String cheese
An Atkins bar
Low carb yogurt (you can get this at Kroger, it's called Carbmaster)
Turkey pepperoni bites
deviled eggs

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10/14/11 11:23 A

ANGBOO, you don't have your food diary posted, so I don't know what you're eating. If your original post is any indication, you are definitely not eating enough. Part of the reason you for your hunger is that you're deficient in FIBER.

Fiber (like protein) is sating. If you were to eat more high fiber foods that nourish your body, you wouldn't feel hungry. What foods are high in fiber ? fresh fruits and veggies. Are you eating 6-9 servings per day ? If not, try eating more servings of fresh fruit and veggies. If people should be over eating anything, they should be eating more veggies.

Also, whole grain breads and cereals are another good source of fiber. Eating whole wheat bread, rye or pumpernickel did not make people fat. Eating too many treats, fast food, soda, candy, etc... is what packed on the pounds.

Popeye over eats his spinach. He's not fat. :)

The point is that you need to eat more to nourish your body. Eating too little and exercising too much will hinder your weight loss, not help it. So, if you are feeling hungry, try to eat more foods that are high in fiber.

Could the orange have spiked your blood sugar ? Possible, but considering that the orange also had plenty of fiber, maybe not. I'd say if you were hungry it's because you weren't eating enough.

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10/14/11 9:58 A

Oranges are full of sugar. That orange could be spiking your blood sugar making you tired and hungry. I think you need more protein for breakfast, maybe 2 eggs. I like to add cheese with my eggs. I use a low carb bread for toast (1 slice) with my breakfast. The one I love is SaraLee 45 Calories and Delightful, honey wheat. It's whole wheat and low in carbs. I also have used Light Italian (it's either Village Hearth or Country Hearth). I keep the bread in the refrigerator to keep it fresher longer. I know bread is not recommended on this diet, but I really need it with my eggs and does not take me out of ketosis.

A substitute for the orange, if Vitamin C is important to you, is Crystal Light. They make one that tastes just like OJ. I get the Walmart brand as it's just as good but a lower pricetag. And it's full of vitamin C.

Good luck!

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6/29/11 1:22 P

If you feel weak and hungry, eat. Just eat what is within the low-carb list. For example, have a string cheese and a slice or two of lunch meat. I loved the pre-cooked brats (like Johnsonville) as a low-carb snack. (Of course, they aren't low calorie, but that's not the diet you're on.) Boiled eggs with some salt are also good.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,273
6/29/11 12:08 P

Most low carb diets allow non-starchy vegetables on even the strictest level, certainly Atkins does. You can get in a lot of greens, peppers, broccoli, etc. with only 20 carbs a day. It allows a lot of of variety in what you eat, but does pretty much demand that you (or someone) cook real food.

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6/28/11 11:43 P

Dear Angboo,
Turn on sparks menu generator and mimic each item on the list.. If you don't like the item find a direct equal.. It is not illegal to eat more food and exchange things you hate for something you can live with..

Cross in the house if I only ate that amount I would be sick and laid up in bed.. Please eat within the range sparks suggests.. Less food is not better, the body holds on to fat if you try to starve it for food..

The body works a little like a car, it needs fuel to give out put.. Remove it and the brain doesn't do it job well either..

Follow the meal composition of sparks it is equal to any profession concept I have paid for and free..

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6/28/11 9:52 P

EAT MORE FOOD.. that looks like that is simply not enough nutrition for your body...

I do believe that when you are on a low carb (ie atkins diet).. you are allowed to eat all the 0 carbed foods you want i.e meats... eat some more protein.... bacon... steak... ribs... (all without the sauce of course)... they all have 0 will still feel a bit light headed because its hardly any carbs.. but soon the hunger will go away.. and you will feel fuller.. if you stick with it for a few days... do eat more..

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,273
6/28/11 7:14 P

If you're just starting low carb, you may feel bad for a few days until your body kicks into burning fat instead of sugar.

You should not be hungry! If you're hungry, eat something. That's one of the great things about low carb vs. low fat/low calorie. No hunger.

Don't try to avoid fat. You need adequate calories, and it won't help anything to avoid fat. Low carb generally improves HDL and triglycerides, all with eating fat freely. Your heart will thank you.

A little carb won't hurt you, but you'll probably do better if you follow one of the low carb programs until you know how it works for you.

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6/28/11 7:05 P

There is a Diet and Nutrition message board that is staffed with experts from SP. That might be a better venue for your question, but they will need to see your tracker.

If you are tracking your exercise then that page will tell you how much your estimated weekly calorie burn is. On the start page under My Goals & Progress you can click on the word change in red and put in your estimated calories burned. That will recalculate your dietary needs and show you the calorie range you should be in for your level of exercise.

Due to my level of exercise I eat between 1,600-1,800 calories a day and I do that in 3 meals and 3 snacks. This keeps me from getting overly hungry by spreading my meals out throughout the day.

Hope that helps.

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6/28/11 7:04 P

You need more protein pal,,,,and 'some' carbs are not gonna kill you either. I know how hard it is though,,,,i'm a total carb o holic and have limited my grains to 1-2/day and it's reeeally hard sometimes, but you kinda get used to it, not having the spud or rice with dinner. But, I usually save one of my grain servings for dinner so I can have a tad of rice or something with my turkey burger. I also need a grain before w/o.

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6/28/11 6:47 P

Are you tracking your food here on Spark? Unlock your tracker so the experts can take a look and weigh in. Even if you are doing low carb, you still need to track to make sure you are reaching your minimum nutritional needs.

That doesn't seem like enough food to me but I am not a fan of low carb. Are you planning to live a low carb life or are you doing this just to lose weight?

ANGBOO Posts: 64
6/28/11 6:33 P

1 egg, a little ham and an orange

Lunch was stir fried veggies..about two cups.

snack peanut butter on 3 celery stalks

dinner will be chicken breast and salad...

I feel so week right now but perhaps it's normal at first?
also what are some good snack ideas? other then veggies and fruit? something less boring?

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