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4/29/11 11:14 A

that sounds interesting - I"ll look into barre too!

4/27/11 5:50 P

Barre classes are great! You work up a crazy sweat and it's very low impact. Your legs will look awesome in no time!

LISAS1980 Posts: 936
4/27/11 5:29 P

I was running a lot but felt some pains on my knees which I've never gotten before so I backed off running because I got scared. I started doing spinning which doesn't have the impact on my knees but I'm sweating throughout the entire thing.

BETH_FROM_LA Posts: 348
4/27/11 4:32 P

I just signed up for a barre class. IT is advertised as low impact, I have heard good things about it from a friend. Have not tried it yet, I'll start attending next week.

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4/26/11 2:41 P

I've used one not to long ago @ the gym in my building but couldn't coordinate the arms w/it. I couldn't stop laughing at myself!

REDPEPPERS Posts: 18,888
4/26/11 1:13 P

I had to switch to an elliptical because of an injury. Many ellipticals have adjustable resistance to increase the intensity of the workout. It can be a good way to get a low impact workout.

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4/26/11 12:18 P

Zumba has a new dvd set out I'm interested in I didn't think of that. I do walk but getting bored w/that and it is great cardio. I have the Fanny Lifter from the Firm, no step but I don't jump. I love kickboxing.

I'm doing HIIT w/the firm express (3 x a week) my arms are looking better and feeling great except for my knees.

I'd like to find a system to workout with.

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4/26/11 11:22 A

How often are you doing HIIT ? In general, a person shouldn't be doing HIIT more than once, maybe twice a week.

HIIT is a great way to increase your level of fitness, but doing it too often can really tax a person's body. thus the reason they should only do it once, maybe twice a week. max.

If you're looking for a low impact, high intensity workout, try spinning or Zumba. Zumba is a Latin dance based aerobics workout. Step aerobic can be low impact too as long as you don't do it without the jumps or hops.

And don't knock a daily walk. Walking is wonderful low impact cardiovascular exercise. You shouldn't be doing too much high intensity exercise. It really will wear your body down. Take this slow and easy AND add in some low intensity forms of exercise.

Some of the wear and tear on your joints could be coming from the excess HIIT workouts.

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4/26/11 11:16 A

Spinning classes might be a good option. Ellipticals are low impact, but some have trouble keeping a high intensity on them. Step aerobics, kickboxing and zumba classes can all be low impact. If you go to a class tell the instructor in advance that you would like them to show low impact modifications when necessary. Most should be agreeable.

4/26/11 9:40 A

Cycling and swimming will be your best bets if your knees hurt.

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4/26/11 9:35 A

Does any one know of any kind of workouts? My knees are in pain but I need to lose weight (maybe my knees will be better too!) I'm doing some HIIT workouts but it 's really a painful toll on my knees (I'm over 200 LBS)

Any suggestions other than walking?

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