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9/14/13 3:13 P

Let's not guess at a diagnosis.
This could be very dangerous.
Bottom line...get in contact with a doctor who can run the appropriate tests, ask the appropriate questions, determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.

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9/14/13 12:07 P

There are many causes of depression...Folic acid, also called folate, seems to be important in regulating mood, and some studies have shown that low levels of this B vitamin in the blood are related to depression. Breakfast cereal, sunflower seeds, soybeans, beets, and oranges have folic acid.... she could be low in folic acid. Folic Acid Promotes heart health and energy. It is effective in fighting depression. She may also be lacking Vitamin D.

Sugar causes high blood pressure in obese people & sugar can cause depression, Diabetics also have depression, as well as, people with heart disease and many other reasons.

Omega-3 fats to help alleviate depression...wild salmon, sardines, ground flaxseeds, walnuts, and omega3 fortified eggs. Adding flaxseeds to oatmeal, salads, veggies, can stabilize blood sugar and can improve mood.

Vitamin B6, B9, and B12 deficiencies have been found to be linked to symptoms of depression. She should possibly see an Endocrinologist, who will take a complete blood work up of her blood sugar, thyroid, lipid panel, vitamin D and magnesium levels and potassium levels... her best resource is to consult a qualified health professional like an Endocrinologist who is a specialist in metabolic one of the biggest contributors to either a sudden or chronic bad mood is a drop in blood sugar, or glucose.

Meantime eating turkey, tuna, or chicken, low fat cheese, fish, lots of veggies, especially broccoli, spinach, romaine can help. And yes, exercise.

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9/14/13 9:10 A

While diet (menu) can contribute to emotional variances; I'd guess (being the non-medical type) that depression is way more complicated than being a cause/effect of menu

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9/12/13 8:49 P

Depression is a very complex issue. While certain eating habits or lifestyles can contribute to depression, a low-fat diet alone would not be enough, I wouldn't think, to cause depression. Depression has many causes, some chemical, some situational, some even genetic.

Low-fat diets aren't all they've been made out to be in recent years, but I don't know that stopping it would suddenly cure her depression. I'd bet against it.

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9/12/13 8:37 P

Below is a very good link from WebMD - page 2, particularly, answers you specific question, but the full article is well worth reading!


9/12/13 8:34 P

Your best option would be to have your friend discuss here diet with the doctor who is providing treatment for the depression. The term "low fat" does not give an amount. A low fat diet can easily meet nutritional needs---or an extremely low fat diet could be deficient of essential fatty acids.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

9/12/13 8:27 P

I'm not really trying to diagnose her as I am not a doctor, I was just curious if anyone has experienced an improvement in mood with an increase in fat in their diet. I have read about omega 3's being particularly helpful.

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9/12/13 7:01 P

Some fats can help with depression, but if you are looking to use the low fat as the reason for her depression, I would suggest that you don't. There are a myriad of reasons, and sometimes there is a combination of them. It could be that she is eating low fat, AND also not eating enough fruit/veges, particularly dark leafy greens. It could be something in her life, past and/or present, including things that you have no knowledge of. It could be medical. If your friend is seeing health professionals, then that is really good - if she isn't then suggest she talk with her Dr and perhaps ask for a referral to a Therapist.

Another thing that can help is IF she doesn't exercise, suggest you both going for walks together. Exercise is known to help depression - and getting out into the daylight is also know to help some.


9/12/13 6:30 P

A friend of mine has had depression for a long time. She eats a low fat diet and I've read that a low fat diet can sometimes cause depression. Has anyone experienced this?

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